IT TAKES TWO Gameplay 4K (2021)

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IT TAKES TWO Gameplay 4K (2021)
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Comment (26)

    1. Usually I would agree, but not in this instance. A forced co-op game doesn’t work well with that concept.

    2. This game is from EA’s “Originals” projects, which give the developers full control over their own artistic vision without EA meddeling with the game itself. Probably the only good thing EA does these days.

  1. I really hope the game doesn’t end with them getting back together. Not because I don’t like that idea, but because it’s overdone. I hope the game ends with the pair of them realising, and explaining to their child, that they truly aren’t happy together and that a clean divorce is better than an unhappy marriage. Teaching the audience a very progressive message about the nature of relationships.


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