Overwatch 2: 10 NEW Things You NEED TO KNOW

Overwatch 2 has tons of recent particulars because of Blizzcon 2021 information. Right here's every part you must know: new characters, maps, PVE, and extra!
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    1. @Tevya Smolka on the ign review jeff said they are working on ai for single play story mode but he said its not official but if they are confident in their ai they will have single player coop

    2. From what I understand the story will take place after the events in the first game, hence why some of the characters look older

  1. There actually aren’t that many things you need to know. The most Important thing is that it won’t release in 2021

    1. @Clutch Cake Wdym? Everything else looks awesome. New characters, better graphics, more game modes, more lore, a f*cking campaign! Who doesn’t love all of that. But overwatch(1) is getting boring

    1. One of the first things they revealed in their new presentation.
      I understand how it is misleading but it is new information

    1. ​@Bread N Butter Why would you say so? you didnt excel on this game? I have big respect to this game despite of the issues before too bad real world took over me. I would prefer this over valorant any time

    2. Yeah, us overwatch players haven’t gotten sh!t since like mid 2019. This game better not be another cyberpunk 2077

    3. @Bartek Gurtowski I think buddy was being sarcastic man, lol its all good bro. This game is good and hopefully the sequel can further cement its legacy and do the series more justice.

    1. @NEKOLORD Gamez it’s a dude with an overreach jumper. I got it on my second attempt after I slowed the speed all the way down on mobile

    1. Overwatch 2 will have the same shitty matchmaking, and the same idiotic playerbase.

      its pretty obvious blizzard is going to entirelyfocus on PVE.. because they realized after how many years of slapping halfassed band-aids on matchmaking(knowing how to definitively fix it from the start but refusing because of profit loss)
      basically its blizzard remaking overwatch in the image of battleborn..

    1. Uhh no? Overwatch was designed as a hero based pvp shooter with abilities. This is a new game focusing on pve missions. U think ow should have been pve from the start?

  2. Lol what is with these people hating on OW2, it’s better than OW1 in all ways (which everyone loved) and you have to only pay for PvE missions rest everything is a free upgrade if you have OW1.

  3. Im hella interested in the PVE mode. Id always wished the first game had a good story based single player or multiplayer campaign. It seemed like such a waste to have all of this lore for a purely PVP game.

  4. Tbh, I think people could care less about overwatch anymore. Not saying its a bad game. I think most people feel a certain type of way when it comes to blizzard in general

  5. Looks like Borderlands power leveling progression (for PVE)! Can’t wait to give Symmetra some cool stuff (as well as several other characters)! 😎

  6. When he’s talking about passives the healing one isn’t the health regens when they do damage it’s when they don’t take damage


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