10 Intense Video Game Choices That Meant NOTHING

Video video games usually offer you massively essential choices to make, however typically they matter lower than you suppose. Listed below are the in-game choices that by no means actually amounted to a lot.
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  1. Pokemon games: “do you want to complete my pokedex?”
    Me: “mmmmmm nah”
    Professor: oh come now OF COURSE you do! *gives pokedex*

    1. *Me as a young boy playing Pokemon Diamond/Pearl*
      *chooses starter*
      Dawn: “Aw you chose the one I would have chosen”
      *reloads save to choose a different Pokemon to be nice*
      Dawn: “Aw you chose the one I would have chosen”
      Me: “???”

  2. jedi fallen order. took me 10 mins to decide on a lightsaber color just to realize that i can change it to whatever i want afterwards

  3. Honourable mention: Infamous Second Son: Telling Augustine that you’re a conduit or not saying and letting the tribe take the fall.

    1. The biggest problem with second son is that it gets rid of all the hard work you put in destroying the world in infamous 2.

    2. It’s the decision that decides whether you will be evil or good for the rest of the game, I don’t think its a small decision

  4. There’s a lot of times when choices not mattering is the point, like with Spec Ops: The Line or Bioshock Infinite.

    1. I definitely agree especially when it’s a matter of saving people some games just remind you that it’s not just good all the time and no matter what you do you’re not a god or even a super hero and that’s why i love games like the witcher

  5. I’m surprised that the mass effect 3’s ending and the choices just being a different colored explosion was not mentioned.

    1. I just finished the main game and started the dlc. Was there a place I was actually supposed to choose one (I liked Sparta better)

    2. Yeah, that literally has nothing to do with the story or anything. The war is just there for you to do a fight every now and then.

    1. @ura deadman
      i think i can let that one slide
      sense kessler wants to teach cole sometimes his choices dont matter…

    1. Their Game of Thrones game could end differently for certain characters (i.e. beheaded versus agreeing to marry one of those nasty nobles), but they never did the promised sequel to expand on that.

    2. @Blaq Jesus that makes no sense lol. The employees said themselves that they were under strict deadlines due to poor management and were forced to do 90 percent rewrites DAYS before they goldmastered.

  6. the GBA game yugioh the sacred cards was one of those infuriating “choices” at the end you have all three god cards you are the best dualist, and the game asks will you give the cards to be sealed away forever. I of course picked no and then the dialog repeated itself.

  7. I wish these game studios would realise that when someone says “your actions matter”, that means they’re actually supposed to matter!
    Like if all the actions I take in a game lead to more or less exactly the same ending, with at most a couple of cosmetic changes, then my choice never really mattered (looking at your Mass Effect 3).

    Ironically I think that the “Shadow the Hedgehog” video-game (back in like 2007), despite being an otherwise mediocre game, actually did this aspect pretty well. The actions you took per level directly affected the next level you played, and so on and so on, until the end of the run; then to get the “true” ending, you actually had to play through all those different endings, so you got to see the results of doing things differently. It is possibly the only part I actually liked about the game, as it was otherwise quite clunky.

  8. I’m surprised the “choices” in Saints Row 4 weren’t included. I guess it’s due to the fact that they did it on purpose for shits n giggles

    1. But as they all exist to be jokes, and each choice plays out a different joke… they are actually functionally different! lol

    1. @Wil E I mean you say that but without Byleth no Ken can do anything in any path so…I’d follow the competent school teacher over the schizophrenic angry man any day especially if that teacher taught in a school that was literally “how to be a competent military leader” course

    2. That choice wasn’t intense, though.
      If you want an intense choice that didn’t matter in the Fire Emblem franchise, Awakening is full of them except the last one.

    3. Should it matter though? Demitri is in charge, not Byleth. Byleth is just the ex-teacher & taction. Also, only Gilbert had the info nessisary to change Demitri’s mind.

  9. Pretty much all of Cyberpunk is “Oh I can’t wait to see how this plays out if I make different choices next time” only to realize almost everything is a fixed outcome

    1. @Colour Blind thx for the spoiler. Does it change something? Not really, i have no interest to continue playing this failure of a game so nevermind

    2. @Colour Blind i think the problem that makes people complain isn’t the bad plot, but the inevitability of the plot.

      And mid game doesn’t give you many options. Sure there are some things where you get different endings some story lines, but it’s all in the small universe of that quest line. And doesn’t really change stuff that affects the rest of your playthrough

    3. @Colour Blind It’s like a Rockstar game – you can only decide about one-off side characters, the main story is linear to support the heavy scripting and dialog trees.

    4. @MonotoniTV I mean there are different endings u can get from some dialogue options. The problem is it all leads to V dying, so it’s just maybe a bad plot?

  10. Why didn’t kait just throw the knife into the squid queens face? Soap style. Gears of war has gone so far downhill..

    1. I never understood why people liked gears of war, always thought the characters just looked way too goofy and dumb

  11. Never played that Kane and Lynch game but in it’s defense 2 different endings do not make the choice fake, even if they are both negative ones

    1. and to be honest I kind of like the 2 bad options cuz that’s pretty much like actual real life. There are times when all you have is 3 or 4 absolutely terrible options and you can only try to guess which one would be the least terrible.


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