10 Best SHORT RPGs You Can ALMOST Finish in a Day

On the lookout for a good RPG however brief on time? We've obtained you lined with these nice RPGs.
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  1. Heck yes, I feel like this is close enough to the “10 Best Story Games You Can Beat in a Weekend” requested a long time ago.

  2. It’s often very difficult to find an amazing RPG, but when you do, the stories along the way will stick with you for a long time

    1. I love when ppl suggest an rpg saying “it’s decent” or “it’s pretty fun” as if 40-120 hours of my life is worth wasting on something that’s not exceptional.

    2. @Aaron Carver that literally me with Horizon Zero Dawn I’ve downloaded that game like 10 times and just seems to delete it like a day later every time

    3. @Ada Alonso I try to get into the witcher 3 like 2 times a year and just can’t. Although I just bought it again on ps5 to try again for like the 8th time because I really want to like it.

  3. I remember getting ready to play Outer Worlds, expecting a days worth of gameplay, and then realising I only had the final mission left to do.

    1. Be careful. As I recall finishing the game strands you ….. which means you cant play the DLC unless you restart the game from the beginning. Don’t know if they ever fixed this.

  4. If you desperately rush so hard that you finish the outer worlds in 1 day, you have mental problems. Put the meth pipe down.

  5. When talking about Alpha Protocol, I’m surprised you didn’t mention how you had limited time when making dialogue choices, years before Telltale did it.

    1. Got it from Humble Choice, been in my wishlist for a while back then but the price is somehow too high in my region (Almost $60) so i am glad i got it from there, and yeah you are right it’s really fun game as i’ve expected and tbh a bit underrated, still don’t get it why it’s so expensive in my region tho..

  6. I take a VERY long time playing RPG’s bc I literally loot and search every corner of everything. So if a game says 40 hours of gameplay it takes me like 120 hours

    1. Yeah i still remember CDPR said the witcher 3 blood and wine only takes like 15 hours to complete, while it took me more than 40 hours to finish it lol..

    2. @Licorice Santa Woah, did you just use the term human in a way that excludes animal kind from humanity?!? My dog happened to be reading this with me, and if he could bark (i had his vocals cut off at his request) he would bark some nasty, non offensive things at you.

      Also don’t use the word “relax” it implies some sort of fault with people that are angry or uptight, which is really offensive.

      You’re on thin ice buddy pal budess paless.

    3. @Oliver Newman yeah that’s my favorite game of all time. I beat it 3 times and have about 800 hours into it. Needless to say I played that more than any other game ever lol

    1. I don’t have my own family yet, but because of my job i have to sacrifice a lot of my time i usually used to play video games, which is really suck and i can’t do anything about it..

    2. You sound like one of those people who say they have no time for video games but spend hours watching TV or glued to their phones/tablets for half a day each day. I highly doubt your family keeps you so busy.

    1. Play it, it’s great in every way
      -story (despite simplistic, especially if you’re going through a tough time can feel great)
      -graphics (i feel it looks beautiful)
      -gameplay (good mix between rpg and some on screen controls (mouse/joystick)
      -music (simply love the soundtrack, one of the few I keep on my spotify’s list)

  7. I remember watching the trailer to Parasite Eve when I was a kid. Freaked me the hell out. Watched a play through of it a couple of years ago, and I’ve to agree that it looks pretty interesting. It’s Resident Evil as an RPG, basically. I second the notion to give it the remake treatment, so long as it’s done right.

  8. My friend used to play chrono trigger and I always thought it was “nerdy” now I love rpgs (especially dragon quest)

  9. Remember Jade Cocoon anyone?! I think it was the second one on PS1 …. played like a better Pokemon – loved the mixed breeding of combat creatures and such giving such different hybrids. THe art style was also awesome!!!


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