10 TOUGHEST Opening Levels in Video Games

Some video games prefer to punish you with issue proper from the beginning. Listed below are favourite examples of difficult first ranges.
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    1. @Daniel Buhr Hell yea great game I’ve been playing it recently too on Rpcs3 can’t wait for Round 4 and Champion to be fully playable on the emulator as well.

    2. @Jason Neufeld one mystery for me in Boxing is why they didn’t invalidate the first fight. I mean it was proven Margarito cheated.

  1. It got all the way down to number one and I thought to myself, “huh, was expecting Driver on the PS1 to be on the list… guess not” then Falcon pulls the ol’ bonus entry and yup Driver

    1. @alex dough nothing comes to close to the feeling of living in the USA, but yea I guess it’s so bad hundreds of thousands of people flock here for the dream

    2. Well for DMC 3 iirc the context is that people complain how easy DMC 2 was, which is true (cough)E&I(cough) so the dev make that decision.

    1. Nowadays opening levels are just painful because of how much they hold your hand making the level slow or cheesy

    1. I have a theory that list videos intentionality mispronounce a few words so that people comment on it. It’s engagement!

    1. @?? Bro I stopped playing witcher 2 after I found out that the whole game wasn’t like the first mission. I loved fighting the knights in armour.
      After I realised that the game was more Rpg ish and I was supposed to do fetch quests and whatnot, I stopped playing it.

    2. Well in the enhanced version, they add the tutorial making the seize no longer the first/opening level. Also the seize wasn’t that hard, you can easily get through it just hack and slashing. But if you learn to parry omg its so easy

    1. @Phùng Phát Chung well yes but some are way too easy like how the gba version are way too easy and even the boss are to weak including dr doom btw is the main villain and the only hard parts are the opening level and the asgard level by which has tanky bosses that you cant even damage them by specials

    2. @ShadowViper 46 lol the gba version of ultimate aliance for me has only 2 hard mission if you ever played it the fin fang foom and the asgard level cuz there a group of 4 and there friggin tanky even in easy

    1. Limited space. They needed you to think you were getting a 30 hour game, when you were getting a game you could beat in 10 minutes.

  2. When you got to number one I couldnt believe you didnt mention Driver. Then you gave me a big laugh. Your hate for Driver is like your thing at this point 🙂

  3. Friend playing Fallout 2 for the first time: Oh my god, I cannot get past the scorpions in the temple of trials.
    Me: Bruh. End your turn 4 steps away from the enemies. It’s a TACTICAL turn based system 🤦‍♂️😂

  4. I remember renting Driver from Blockbuster. It took so long for my friend and I to get through the tutorial switching off tries each time that barely after beating it I had to go home and we didn’t even get to enjoy the thing. Brutal opening section.

    1. Thought that was gonna be on this list just because it was such a big deal at the time…

      Guess they lowered the bar cuz now most game journalist don’t even play the game anymore.


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