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In addition they canceled one other game

Anthem useless

State of Play

Lawmaker proposes ban of GTA

System Shock teaser

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Pokemon occasion

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Comment (73)

  1. Anthem is a HUGE lesson for the gaming industry. Let’s just hope that moving forward companies will learn from its mistake.

    1. Yeah they learned no matter what ea is going to have a fan base no matter what they do. Half will stop playing but the other half is full blown fry mode saying shut up and take my money. That’s the lesson ea learned.

  2. Let’s hope that this means that EA actually delivers on it. Let Battlefront 3 and Battlefield be what it should be, and what fans want. Of course I’ll be holding my grain of salt until they deliver

    1. Andrew “Put Lootboxes In It” Wilson is still their CEO, and until he gets fired I have my doubts about their good inentions.

    1. Violence was actually much worst from the 70’s through the 90’s, Funny enough it started dropping about the time video games became popular with adults, I’m sure there’s many more factors at play here but video games do keep people from being board and doing stupid things as a result.

    2. Funny that this comes from Chicago, most of the violence there comes from gangs which has nothing to do with video games.

    3. Are you seriously trying to suggest that a global pandemic, lack of public healthcare, months of unemployment and financial difficulties had more to do with causing someone to turn to carjacking than a computer game did?

    4. Yeah it’s just sad that the things we see in commercials nowadays like on TV show someone playing a video game on their screen then they show them again reenacting their (Video Game Situation) in real life and that gets tooken seriously when it’s suppose just be a joke :/

      Also why is tooken not a word 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    1. @Fox Hates Me there are a few split screen local multiplayer games out there but not as much as it used to be. From the newer titles I’ve played I know that team sonic racing, mario kart games and balan wonderworld have local multiplayer.
      It’s a shame that there are only a few games with local multiplayer now days since I find more fun playing with my friends in a room than playing online with some strangers.

    2. @God of Grogu me and my brother mostly have played kid friendly games but this one look interesting we might check it out! I’ll ask him if he would be interested to play It.

    3. @Change MyMind I personally like a good coop campaign, also love multiplayer in sandbox games like NMS or minecraft.

    4. @sonic maiden yeah i used to have tons of fun with games like champions of norrath or ratchet and clank deadlocked. Cant play split without a Nintendo now lol. Me and my wife play mario kart and super smash bros but theres only so much of that you can do.

    5. @Fox Hates Me yeah. There aren’t many split screen multiplayer games outside of the Nintendo consoles. Team sonic racing and Balan wonderworld are multiplatform games and have local co op but still there are not many local co op games out there. And there is the problem of getting tired of playing the same games over and over as well.

    1. Just like the cake 🎂 is a lie . The pizza 🍕 is a lie. If you got that reference you’re cool 😎 in my book 📖

    1. Jake ‘ casually playing switch lite where no one would casually play the switch lite ‘ baldino
      I can still muster a cringe buzz from that scene .

  3. EA is finally starting to realize that most gamers aren’t actually 10 year olds who have endless time to put 5000+ hours into a mediocre grind fest.

    1. @Flaqko I know, I figured you were actually an adult, I’m only saying your typical adult gamer with a family/full time job/other responsibilities/etc don’t have the time to grind 5k+ hours in a single game, but there’s no doubt that there are some that can and do, especially if they really only play or care about a single game and considering the majority of gamers are adults there are probably more adults than kids that do this from a sheer numbers perspective but I would think a higher percentage of kids are able to rather than adults

  4. I remember when Need for Speed: Most Wanted first came out there was a guy that stole a vehicle and when the police caught him he had a copy in the passenger seat. My parents didn’t want me playing the game and I had to convince them that it’s just a game

    1. @gameranx aha right! I told my parents that video games don’t make people do bad things, their just video games. I was then able to rent NFS: MW from Blockbuster lol

    2. Yeah my mum was the same man so I combated it by smoking weed at my mates place and playing those games anyway……should of just let me race cars mum

  5. anyone else remembers that game “Babylon’s fall” by Platinum games. i wonder if its still being worked on, its been a good while since we heard of it.

  6. This week I’ve been trying to enjoy the outriders demo, the gameplay itself is pretty refined and enjoyable but I will say that the demo has way too many cut scenes and it feels like I can barely customize my characters appearance

    1. So once again, a politician decides to use video games as a scapegoat instead of actually addressing the actual issues

    2. Now that we get information easier and more accurate statistic, they need something other than human nature to blame.
      I remember years ago my country tried to ban some rockstar games and mortal kombat for being too violent or smthin. I dont know what happened, but i heard their arguments got shutdowned hard. The games still here so i assume thats what happened

    1. “Here’s your egg. Now either wait three years for it to hatch, or pay to put it in the furnace and hatch in three minutes.”

  7. “I can’t even talk to the UPS guy” “I can’t even collect my change without having an anxiety attack”. Same here man


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