10 SCARY Levels in NON-HORROR Video Games

Some video game ranges simply creep us out large time, whether or not or not it was the creator's intention. Listed below are some surprisingly scary ranges in non-horror video games.
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    1. @Peta Hoee near the end of AK when Scarecrow gives Batman the Fear gas and Joker goes crazy in his head and gets scared of people forgetting him, then you go around in 1st person in a smoky church with a shotgun

    1. @Gavin’s friend they have though, it was number 1 on the steam top sellers when it released and it is still consistently on that list.

  1. I was waiting for “343 Guilty Spark”!!!! The build up was incredible, the blood splatter all over the walls, the bodies, the fact that the grunts and jackals run out of the facility and through out the level until the reveal were huddled together in areas instead of patrolling. Thank you Gameranx

  2. When I was younger, Fable’s 2 Wraithmarsh always creeped me out. It was always dark, foggy, and eerie music, and was filled with the two toughest monsters/longest ones to fight in the game. Just didn’t match with the rest of the otherwise jovial and funny tone of the game

    1. @Am Aguero Yes that jump scare! After quitting out early on BS1 after the Dr jump scare I was so annoyed they pulled the same thing in Infinite! I had to carry on by that point though…

    2. I was gonna say, the entirety of the bio shock series haha. I’m pretty sure it’s unintentional horror. Right.

    1. did you know there is a way to skip the entire house right are you enter the basement it teleports you to the attic/ ending

  3. Thief 3 was my childhood and the cradle gave me endless nightmares. That level is surely one of the most unsettling and scary levels in a video game.

  4. I have two words for you…
    “Unwelcome Guests” from Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.
    Still haunts my dreams.

    1. @Master Chief I found irithyl dungeon to be much creepier than farron keep. Those jailers were terrifying and so were the howling baby dog things

    2. everytime i see a list on scary levels i wait to see the bunker chapters of uncharted 1 mentioned, but they never do, it scared the living crap out of me the first time i played it

  5. Ravenholm is legendary. The lighting, level design, enemies, one badass ally, sound design, music, all just perfect.
    Also, pretty much any X Laboratory in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.

    1. Yeah but doesn’t stalker should be considered as survival horror game instead of non-horror game? I mean yeah most of the time we are fighting other fractions or bandits, but there are many times as well we encounter horrific mutants and even ghost-like monsters..
      Well no matter what, i still can’t wait for Stalker 2, i hope it’s amazing..

    1. Yes! Find them batteries to keep your flashlight working or else the ghosts are gonna get you and try to get to the fridge coz light stays inside the fridge! Very nice.

    2. Wow! I love that game. And I specifically remembered that mission, which lead to me to re-play rugrats a couple of years back.


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