Top 20 NEW PS4 Games of 2021

PlayStation 4 game releases aren't slowing down in 2021. Right here's all the things value wanting ahead to.
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#20. Biomutant

Platform : PS4 PC XBOX ONE

Launch Date : Might 25, 2021

#19. Little Satan Inside

Platform : PS4 PS5 PC

Launch Date : July 2021

#18. Mass Impact: Legendary Version.

Platform : PS4 PC XBOX ONE

Launch Date : Might 14, 2021

#17. BF and COD

Platform :

Launch Date :

#16. Evil West

Platform : PS4 PS5 XBOX ONE XSX|S PC

Launch Date : TBA 2021



Launch Date : TBA 2021

#14 F.I.S.T Solid in Shadow Torch

Platform : PS4 PC

Launch Date : TBA 2021

#13 Boundary

Platform : PS4 PC

Launch Date : Q2 2021

#12 Hitman 3

Platform : PS4 PS5 STADIA XBOX ONE XSX|S Switch PC

Launch Date : 20 January 2021


Platform : PS4 PS5 XBOX ONE XSX|S PC

Launch Date : June 22, 2021


Platform : PS4 PS5 XBOX ONE XSX|S PC

Launch Date : 2021


Platform : PS4 PS5 XBOX ONE XSX|S PC

Launch Date : March 26, 2021


Platform : PS4 PS5 PC

Launch Date : August 24, 2021



Launch Date : 2021

#6 Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga


Launch Date : Q1/Q2 2021

#5 Where the Coronary heart Is

Platform : PS4

Launch Date : Q2 2021

#4 Resident Evil Village

Platform : PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX|S PC

Launch Date : Might 7, 2021

#3 Far Cry 6

Platform : PS4 PS5 STADIA XBOX ONE XSX|S Amazon Luna PC

Launch Date : Q2/Q3 2021

#2 Dying Gentle 2

Platform : PS4 PS5 XBOX ONE XSX|S PC

Launch Date : TBA 2021

#1 Horizon Forbidden West

Platform : PS4 PS5

Launch Date : Q3/This autumn 2021


God of Struggle Ragnarok

Platform : Rumored PS4 PS5

Launch date : TBA 2021

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Comment (69)

  1. I have a backlog of games that I’ve bought and haven’t finished or haven’t even played yet (mid-thirties gamer here), so I know I’m gonna be hanging on to my PS4 for a while and keep getting my money’s worth.

    1. @Sinn0100 same goes for me, I am never going to pre order a game, definitely NOT from CDPR, because I think cyberpunk was a descent game if not polished, but never ever pre ordering, GOD was it a pain to play this game on launch, and this is coming from someone who played the game on a pc with a 1660ti.

    2. I’m keeping my ps4 for has long has i can i have so many games for it and don’t have the money for a ps5 if i wanted one I’m 40 but i don’t one game but I’m a reader to

    3. @Floyd Butler
      I understand that completely, I just turned 40 myself. I’ll tell you why we wound up getting both and how we did it(fiancee and I). While we did have the money to spend on both machines it’s just…$500 a piece is just too much. When I say “we had the money” it would have hurt to do it and may have put us in a real bind. So what I did was…

      I went to GameStop when the preorders went live and put $100 down for each (Xbox Series X and PS5 *physical) machine. Then on the day they came out I traded a bunch of stuff in. I traded my Xbox One X and PSPRO for the Series X first (Nov 10th). Then when it was time to pick up our PS5 (Nov 12th), I traded in our PS4 and Xbox One with a few really old games (trade in fodder) which they gave huge us bonuses for. We wound up spending roughly $350 for both 9th generation consoles and that’s not bad.

      If it wasn’t for my fiancee being such a huge gamer I would have only gotten one. We play side-by-side every night after work and there was no way I was just going to buy for myself. All-in-all everything really worked out and she got to experience getting her first launch console. Right now as we speak she is playing Day’s Gone and she’s loving it.

      Addendum- We love all gaming no matter where it comes from. While I may prefer the Xbox that doesn’t mean I do not love all things PlayStation. I have been a Sony fan since their entry into the American gaming market. I got the original PlayStation on September 9, 1995 the day it came out and I have never stopped. 😉

    4. @Muhammad Hussain
      I played it on the Series X and for the most part it ran decently…however, what they did to everyone else is absolutely unacceptable. I may have dodge the proverbial bullet here but what about the next time? I did find it very enjoyable but I cannot reward them for what they have done. I know I was very fortunate to be able to get a new console. Had I not, I would have innocently purchased it for my One X and it would have been an unmitigated disaster. No more preorders for this guy.

  2. Wow, no Oddworld: Soulstorm. Guess the gaming world has gotten quite big for you to ignore this gem. Still, that’s the one I’m most looking forward to.

    1. It can come out that year like kena bridge of spirits didnt get a realse date until last week so January and most of February it didnt have a reasle date the game wasn’t even slated for a year and it coming august 24 2021

    1. @Okta Perdana not just that the other titles that are exclusives I like both Xbox and PlayStation, I have both as well as a switch console wars are childish

  3. If anything is “in development for a LONG time” it’s gonna be an issue for base ps4 owners. Just because a game is released on older consoles, doesn’t mean it’s optimized, made for or targeted at those consoles. Let’s hope we don’t see a bunch of games with performance issues

    1. I thought the same thing. I actually played Darkwatch relatively recently on Xbox. A better, well polished version sounds like a huge win

    1. @Phinneus Prune yes, and the Far Cry games as well have always been a favorite. I have both division games, those are decent too.

    1. @Venzeh I do sit on the couch with my pc. I use the ps5 pad as a mouse. I have dual hdmi output to tv and monitor. Ill enjoy my emulators and better quality games and less restrictions while you can make excuses like its still 2005 🙂

    2. @Jango Flexx most people sit at a desk though just because you have a different setup than most do doesn’t change the fact that console games will always be the best for casual gamers.


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