10 Game Endings Almost NO ONE HAS SEEN

These video game endings is probably not utterly secret, however the act of attending to the purpose of seeing them is almost unimaginable. Listed below are some wild examples of uncommon, lesser-seen game endings.
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  1. Pretty much every single ending in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl with the exception of “I want to be rich”.

  2. For the hollow knight embrace the void ending, there is a secret variant to that where you need to take a flower all the way across the map without getting hit, and give it to the godseeker, and then beat the last pantheon.

    1. I managed to do it on my second try. It was pretty easy tbh because all you have to do is clear every enemy along the way to the godseeker and then just run back over there and it’s a breeze from there.

    2. You forgot to mention that the flower is *dElIcAtE* and breaks when you take any damage or ride the stag or teleport

    1. tbh was my first thought too.

      not that game, merely ‘also ignoring the thousands of games that just didn’t do well enough to have ‘many’ people finish them like, at all’

    1. I got it as soon as I disarmed my nuke…not sure if I was in a server by myself or what happened there, but until now I thought everyone got that trophy just from disarming their own nukes.

    2. I remember seeing it on YouTube and then getting it randomly one day playing (PS4). If one person gets it, wouldn’t everyone get it too?

    3. I heard about this. A friend of a friend from work, worked on this. You guys deserve a freaking medal or something. I hope you at least got into Genuiss book of Records. It was like the Dudes fucking life. I only met him in IRL twice. It was all he talked about, how you guys where pulling this together.

    1. I’ve seen it too, but it was sort of intentional. I saved right before the final part and then sided with Elijah just to see what would happen. (Then reloaded and trapped him.)

  3. What about Sekiro..There’s an ending that you can’t unlock unless you defeat Owl of Hirata Estate. Most people won’t even figure out how to unlock that fight💯

    1. @ΛutistiЄ You have to sneak and hear some voice line from Emma so you can question her about it. She’ll give you an item to take you to a harder estate with the second owl fight

  4. Love these videos. Even when they talk about games I’m not interested in, I’m interested in what they have to say about them.

  5. The guy had to write a program for the ending and the computer dropped down to 10fps trying to keep up. Nobody is getting that legitimately

    1. @Yian Garuga Yeah. I got that ending. I’m surprised it made the list cause although it was one of the hardest things I’ve done in a game, I still think a lot of other people have gotten it.

    2. When I started watching this video I was like man Hollow Knight godhome endings should be here but probably won’t… So glad they gave it a little spotlight cause the Pantheon of Hallownest endings really are hard to reach.


  6. I remember an old game for PSX called Viewpoint, this also was so hard, that only the developers of this game have ever seen the last boss stage.

  7. You don’t need to be offline or to install an extension to play your favorite dino game. Just go type in the url bar:


    There you go :3

  8. I saw phantom pain in the thumbnail and it triggered my mgsv-ptsd. Never goes away to know if there’s more content to unlock after nuclear disarmament 🥲


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