10 WEIRD Gaming Stories of February 2021

The early days of 2021 have had no scarcity of loopy video game information tales. Right here's some of the weirdest stuff taking place in gaming.
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PS5 chaos at Akihabara as clients rush to seize new consoles【Movies】



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  1. Falcon being mad that the press called the pig good… someone needs to test it on falcons, I bet they can beat dark souls

    1. All democrat. Just remember the mayor of Chicago loved the riots and protest but as soon as they thought about coming to her neighborhood..BOOM!! whole block was locked down by cops, you know the ones she wants to defund.

  2. Ah yes, the surge in car thieves, the game that launched 2 consoles ago. I see, must be the game.

  3. For Elite Dangerous: You can Self Destruct and be transported instantly to the starting system. The problem was that the ships the new players received via certain “money trading methods” made it impossible for them to leave the system. (that is far away from any sort of civilization) Suddenly a player sees that they can only jump 2 light years and the nearest star is 7+ light years away. New players wouldn’t know that you can simply explode and be “freed” from that situation minus the ship they were given and enslaved for.

    1. Well elite is noob unfriendly……

      Have you seen the tutorial?

      I say we start a fleet and disrupt their operation.

      Do when know their commander tag?

    1. Can’t even order them online as it’s sold out before I can hit add to cart. And my ps4 pro just took a dump so, yeah.

  4. Who would have thought releasing criminals from prison would result in more crime, who knew, must be GTA V.

  5. If videogames turns people violent because of it’s content, I wanna try the videogame played by the time of the crusades and christian witch hunting

  6. “people are stealing cars, lets ban GTA”
    and athletes get injured so lets ban all sports games, makes as much sense as the first line

  7. Stadia could’ve done better if it you didn’t need to buy your games twice.
    Like if it worked with Steam or something, but y’know, money matters more than everything else.

    1. @Th3adventurer Honestly, if your connection settings are ok (and your bandwith is sufficient), performance differences are minimal and for most games barely distinguishable from running a game locally. But sure, people’s experiences will vary. Stadia shines when it comes to sheer convenience though. No downloads/storage, no installs/updates, no additional hardware costs, hot switching between pc/laptop/tablet/phone/pc; it’s just pick up and play, anywhere, within about a minute. When it comes to high prices, I take it you’re referring to game prices. I agree that game prices can be steep, but they do offer regular discounts, which more often than not match sales prices on other platforms. The major issue I have with Stadia is the library that’s still seriously lacking. Stadia as a complementary service to the platforms you already own is great, if only for the sake of pure convenience. I’ve gotten back into gaming because of it. But right now, as a Stadia only gamer you’re missing out on a lot of amazing titles, which is a real shame.

    2. @KaasDeLuxe the biggest issue with stadia is that the performance is almost always noticably worse when compared to any other platform. Why buy the stadia version that runs worse for more than buying the game on another platform that will perform better. There are some people who will find the value in stadia, but those are mostly people who dont have new consoles/updated computer and are fine with the high price

    3. Stadia is its own platform, just like PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo are. So of course you need a separate licence to play games there. People that have invested in consoles or huge pc game libraries can always consider using Stadia as a supplementary service. Especially with games getting rediculous storage requirements, using a free service that requires no disk space or hardware investments to play pretty demanding games is great. It’s definitely not for everyone, but it’s weird to dismiss it just because you have to buy games for it, like you do with any platform.

    4. You mean like GeForce Now or XCloud. I agree with you, another option is that if they made the subscription include games with it


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