ALIENS: FIRETEAM Trailer (2021) PS5 / Xbox Series X

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ALIENS: FIRETEAM Trailer (2021) PS5 / Xbox Series X
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Comment (26)

    1. @Kabronex Can’t blame SEGA for that, Gearbox was lying to them the whole time, and SEGA successfully sued them for it. SEGA published some pretty great games with the license including Isolation

  1. I know this sounds weird don’t get me wrong I will always enjoy efforts to create an alien game but why does this give off the same vibes as anytime Capcom tries to create a multiplayer game in a resident evil game.

  2. I thought they learned with Alien isolation, on what a good Alien game should be or looks like. But apparently no, they manage to make another mediocre alien game. Its gonna be a very dull game i bet.

  3. Everyone in the comments seems to have PTSD from the previous games lol. Here’s to hoping this one is good. That said, I won’t be pre-ordering…

  4. I’d rather have an alien isolation sequel, but maybe this one will be ok. Definitely waiting for the reviews when it comes out

  5. Hopefully it’s the opposite strategy from Colonial Marines this time. A crappy gameplay trailer, but the game turns out to be awesome.

  6. This is like Deja Vu all over again…..with Aliens: Colonial Marines.

    I’ll wait this time until what the reviews said about this game.


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