10 Things Gamers Trick Themselves Into Believing

Face it – a few of us video game players inform ourselves little white lies to really feel higher. Whether or not it's about talent or the business of the pastime itself, listed here are some hilarious examples.
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    1. Destiny 2 then the season passes then all the DLC then the next bundle and so on and now its free plus most of the DLC is free, like close to 300 for something that just recycles weeks so I gave up

    1. @Mayuresh Jog Skyrim re-release: You know the 6/10 game you’re getting
      Yearly shooter/sports series: You’re promised a new game, you get last year’s 6/10 game but with a couple new players/maps/guns

    2. @Grigori ITS NOT THE SAME….. You already know you are getting Skyrim…. again…… When you are getting it
      Not Skyrim 2021 or Skyrim 2022 just Skyrim

      Fifa and COD are NOT the same

    1. @YeahWhatever haha glad to know im not the only 1. During lockdown if it wasnt for the sun shinning i would never have gone to sleep

    1. @SrHeresy Not sure wut games u play man but u gotta play it out anyway, especially when ur with unreliable teammates. That’s the time to take the biggest risks, not on them, but for u

    1. @Rnb Rockstar
      Resident Evil 8 and 4 have more chance to be good than any upcoming EA, Activision or Bugthesda games. mostly due to RE engine being great and make less bugs , the gameplay trailers for RE8 are also good.
      if you are waiting for a flop, you better expect it from ES6, Mass Effect, Dragon Age or the new COD they announced

    2. AC Valhalla is surprisingly amazing now most bugs are fixed. The main story really is good compared to the last disaster. In fact I haven’t had this much fun since AC in so many years.

    1. This, bundled with a growing frustration that makes you wanna rush to the point where you failed, which makes you fail sooner and frustrates you even more etc etc

    1. Isn’t the reason people play videogames to be distracted from reality? Going outside inst even 1080p @60fps. Why would I want to check on that?

    1. @Three Cats My policy is never buy anything under 50% discount. Never buy at less than 75% discount if it doesn’t meet all-time lowest price.
      Gets me 3-4 dozen games a sale for under $50

    2. Man i buy games full price at times and end up procrastinating for 2 years or something. Happened with god of war 2018

    3. If I build up a few Steam sale games, I rule out buying anything in the next sale. I stick to that knowing the game i wanted will be cheaper still in future Steam sales.

  1. That one guy: “Windows sucks, it crashes on me”
    All the other millions of people using windows without problems: uh, sure bro

  2. “I’m gonna eventually play all these games I bought on the Steam sale”

    My husband: “Why do I feel so personally attacked?” *looks at massive list of Steam games he hasn’t played*


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