The artistic modding world works onerous to convey us tremendous hero experiences in video games that don't embody them out of the field. Listed here are a few of our favorites for Iron Man, Hulk, and extra!
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Sources and references:

10. Ironman v2.0 – GTA 5


9. Thor Endgame script mod – Free Version 1.0 – GTA 5


8. Retro Superhero mod – Fallout: New Vegas


7. Magneto mod – GTA 5


6. Mutant powers – Fallout 4



5. New The Flash script Mod – GTA 5


4. Actual Flying SE – Skyrim Particular Version


3 The Hulk script mod – GTA 5


2. The Spiderman mod – GTA 5


1. Final Superman Script mod – GTA 5


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Comment (45)

    1. @Zaito_army4life 205 master race. i have a ps4 and could get a ps5…but seems smarter to just invest in a better PC and get even more out of it.

  1. Talented modders. They should make a full game . This is how the characters should be, fully powered from the start. Only skills learning of new techniques not powers. Excellent.

    1. @Zer0_TE I bought the remastered version because I wanted to play on a modern console, first game is somehow much more frustrating on ps4

    1. @AnAverageMexican @Puroo Kumar Roy Thanks and I figured there would be, I just wasn’t sure. Might be time to install GTA V again.

    2. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has reskinned the Superman mod to look like Homelander. That would be right.

  2. I remember seeing a Homelander mod for GTA V too. It makes more sense than the Superman mod since he would actually cause destruction for his pleasure.

  3. Personally, I don’t usually do Superhero Mods cuz many have janky animation.

    IMO character animations are the most important thing to be immersive and many of these mods understandably lacks that, except Magneto mod that one is great.

  4. The flash mod seems to basically be saints row 4 (one of the most criminally underrated games of all time IMO)

  5. Didn’t even mention the flash mod in gta v where it switches perspective to flash and how slow the world is moving by comparison. I remember seeing a guy shoot an rpg and just watching it fly through the air and watching it explode and omg it blew my mind.

  6. Was it on purpose when you said “you can toss cars and ppl around” that then we saw a glitch where dude just crumbled in a ball and stuck mid air ?

  7. At 3:54, I love how there’s a random car behind Magneto somehow, just absolutely ready to take him out


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