8 MISTAKES You Shouldn’t Make While Gaming

Listed here are some frequent errors you may make while gaming. In our opinion, keep away from this stuff if you wish to actually get pleasure from video video games as a pastime.
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  1. 9. Stopping because someone tells you you should because “they’re for kids” or “you’re too old.” Do what makes you happy and don’t let anyone stop that.

  2. *1st gen*
    Ash: “I love pokemon, I’m gonna be a master!”
    *several generations later and still a kid*
    Ash: “They keep making new ones, I hate my life, I hate pokemon, and I hate Gamefreak for not letting me grow up.”

    1. Actually they are finally letting him grow up. Sun and moon was his major victory and in journeys he’s actually older lol.

    1. Halo Legend true but would you rather someone leave at the beginning and have time for someone else to load in or in the middle at the worst possible time

  3. Relentlessly killing players in rdr online or gta online even if there minding there own buisness…. Like i swear everyone in those games are always having a bad day

    1. @Gabe Ghiby Literally any open world game that has non-pvp servers. You can talk all you what about what you want the game to be, but that doesn’t change what it is, and what it is, is a chaotic murderfest, and it was designed that way.

    2. @The Blue Shell [ The bane of Mario kart] you have no idea how to spell, and also didn’t understand a pretty basic point I made, despite saying you understand it’s a PVP game you just continued to complain about PVP. You’re clearly a small child, and the things you say make no sense because you’re not old enough to not be a fool.

    3. @KingBongHogger killing players as a payback for killing you before it’s ok…

      But killing players that did nothing to you that’s wrong and you should know that…

      GTA it’s not a battle royal arena type of PvP game… there are other games for that style… GTA is much more than that but I assume your brain can’t comprehend that… bro’

    1. I HATE people that HATE other people. The comment I respond to did not spread HATE. That is good. BUT! I get a lot of HATE comments on my amazing videos and I HATE it. Please don’t start spreading HATE. Do I have to HATE you too, dear gab

    1. damn i used to be, 5 years.. was totally worth the low pay.
      worked in a corp office/garage for a closed down mine.. only one there, and the company i worked for didnt do any kind of checks/clocks/swipes nothing… so, work on the car, study whatever game i was trying to get good at, movies/series i need caught up on.. getting caught up on sleep… and of course portable gaming. 14hrs a night, peaceful… hell ya.

      miss it <3

      didnt have to shave, cut my hair, or even wear my uniform.. ridiculous but it was awesome.

    2. Use to bring my PSP with me when I had the night shifts out in the middle of nowhere as a security guard watching copper tubing and cables back in the late 90s.

  4. i had a girlfriend that would completely freak out and scream and yell like NUTSO anytime the slightest thing went wrong.. my advice is..things go wrong all the time..its a game.. CHILLLLLL

    1. My little brother is like that, it pisses me of internally.
      it’s like 10PM, and i hear me complaining about a minor issue that he makes out to be the worse thing to ever happen to a game.

      Getting mad because something doesn’t go your way or because something looks unfair is like that to really ruin a game.

  5. “Don’t keep playing until you start dreaming about playing. Its important to take breaks in-between gaming sessions”

    1. One time I played so much skyrim I popped downstairs to get a drink and just stood infront of my fridge thinking “press A too search” 🤣

  6. Be mindful and respectful of other people. People may have things that pop-up that require them to stop playing right away. It can be from them needing to take out the trash, needing to take a emergency bathroom break, etc.

  7. A lot of those are easily avoidable for people like me who stick with single player games, and very rarely play any online match. The main reason is that those single player games aren’t time-sensitive, so you can pause if something comes up, and if that something is big, you can save and continue later.
    (on top of rarely any microtransactions, if at all, and having good stories)

    1. Absolutely true, though there are some good multiplayer coop games, like Divinity Original Sin 2. You still get the story, but you can experience it with your friends or spouse 🙂

    2. Oh BTW, on some point multiplayer games can be looks like single player where everyone you don’t know looks like a NPC. Of course minus the pause button.

  8. That last one hit me really hard.. My brother died 2 weeks ago and wanted me to go Dirt biking with him but I was playing hunt and just blew him off.. Regret that alot now…

    1. I think if you fall for that…..it’s on you and not the game. But I hate it that they lock full parts of the game behind paywalls these days


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