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A brand new Nintendo (*2*) Professional rumor, new game reveal occasions, PSN shutdowns, delays, and extra in per week filled with gaming information.

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0:00 Nintendo (*2*) 2
02:37 Microsoft Shopping for Discord?
04:14 Outriders Cheater Punishment
05:02 Previous PSN shops
06:20 Back4Blood Delayed
07:52 Reggie bails on GameStop
08:42 Call of Duty 2021 Leaks
09:00 NEW Trailers
11:15 Half-life Alyx Bioshock Mod

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(*2*) specs leaked?

Outriders hilarious cheater response:


Previous PSN shops

Call of Duty WW2 once more:


Reggie bails on GameStop

Rocket League goes cell

Future Video games Present (together with Gollum reveal trailer)

Xbox indie occasion:


Biomutant Fight Trailer

Hood: Outlaws and Legends

Hitman 3 Seven Lethal Sins

Atomic Coronary heart Picture Mode

2 cool issues:

BB 4k

Superb half life Alyx mod:

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Comment (62)

    1. @I’m not fat, Paul. It’s power. I don’t get it. Why bother commenting on a stranger random comment on the internet? Keep this negativity to yourself and don’t try to take other down to your level. Cheers.

  1. So thaaaaats why so many people are back on the Outriders demo again all of a sudden. They had to delete those cheat related accounts and gotta grind legit ones 😂

  2. Outriders streamer: “Sorry guys, I had to restart on a new account because my old account got hacked”
    Viewers: riiiiiight

  3. Jake has a teleporter from his room to his office. He posted a video on his channel at his place, took the teleporter then made this video just in time.

    1. Not here. They’re trying to pass legislation to include stuff other than concert tickets in their touting laws than bans bots being used to purchase stuff like consoles and sneakers.

    2. Once covid is no longer a problem and manufacturers can start producing more ps5’s/Xbox’s the scalpers won’t be a problem because we will start seeing the consoles in the stores again

    3. @Clayton Exactly. They proved that people are stupid enough to buy from Scalpers, even though it’s almost pointless to buy a new console at launch, that they’ll continue with this trend until people quit throwing their money at them.

  4. Still waiting for Jake to get a sponsorship where somehow the sponsor will give us pizzas, so when he says “pizza’s on me” we can feel pride and acknowledgment.

  5. Reggie: “My body is ready! to leave. Like now. Like RIGHT now. like my bags are packed. Your company is screwed.”

    1. I’ve been subbed for over a year now, and the amount of salt I’ve taken has caused me multiple heart attacks and many cases of cardiac arrest.

  6. “will you get the new switch” – think by this point we should realise that its not a matter of willingness to buy a new console, its a matter of luck getting it before scalpers and other people.

    1. I think that they are going to treat it like the Wii and the 3DS, just making the old one obsolete prematurely to force the new one

    2. @Yeh Doe that was only bc it was the first console Nintendo had put out in 11 yrs. We’re skipping the Wii U, bc that was god awful and didnt last very long. When you go from 2006 to 2017 between console releases its gonna be high in demand. This wont be that far apart and its basically the same as a Switch, just upscales, which isnt really that great of a selling point

    3. True, but i cant see the Switch being like the Xbox and PS5. Plus id like to think by Summer or Fall those two consoles wont be hard to come by. I do hope all those scalpers get stuck with their stockpile and have a hard time moving them once they aren’t so hard to come by.


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