10 IMPOSSIBLY Hard Secret Bosses in Video Games

Among the hardest video game bosses are sometimes utterly secret. Listed below are our favourite examples.
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    1. @Vash The Stampede LW revenge value automatically counter you if you go too hard, so it is diff to time your attacks when u go too hard on him. Yozora saving grace is that he backs away after a damage phase which makes it tolerable for me. Both are difficult but Yozora has better tells than LW as he glows to signify certain attacks whilst LW is difficult to tell what he gonna do nxt

    2. @Damagon64 i dont know, to this day i still havent beat lingering will legit whilst yozora has easier tells to his attacks. Tho his dm phase i still have trouble with

    1. PTSD is no joke even if it was self inflicted you need to get help before Elden Ring drops as it might out you off your game lol.

    2. @David Wallace weird…I found the nameless king really simple and Midir SUPER SUPER hard…funny how people can be SO different

    1. ikr but i wish kratos did more then rip her wings off i wanted him to rip her in half and then rip those halves in half then chuck them into lava

    2. @Louie G Oh, I knew I could switch difficulties. But, I had a friend that was doing them on normal and I just wanted bragging rights. It was the single most satisfying
      gaming moment though. I’ll admit that I did resort to watching some vids. But, in the end it was my own strategy that won. Most guides are useless unless you do them
      exactly by the book.

    1. @O yeah same. The story was perfect. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had in a game, but I hope they improve the variety and amount of open world Bosses.

    1. Even if YouTube had existed, defeating Demi Fiend probably took more than a week. Even almost 20 years later there is still only *one* singular, insanely complex method that’s accepted to give you half a chance so probably still more than a week.

  1. The best part about fight with Demi-fiend is that the boss theme for the fight is a regular battle theme from Nocturne.
    You are just some random encounter to him.

    1. As a huge fan of the series I just didn’t find him fun at all. Twin demons was the only fun Dlc boss for me.

    2. @Rasse Skogster same here. I beat all bosses normally, but I stuck at Midir. Summoned one random guy and he annihilated him while I was too shocked to do anything 😀 Dude went super saiyan on him…

  2. Falcon: “… Crewmax from borderlands 1”
    Me: *woken up from my nap* “he doesn’t mean crawmerax, does he?”

    Yup. Yup he did.

    Also. No weaknesses? How about the giant glowing weak points? No?

    1. @Numero Lyrics No one knows who’s speaking until you click? I also dont WANT to dislike him, so every once in a while I give a Falcon vid a chance to see if he’s changed things up and he hasn’t. This is constructive complaining too, so just because we dont like the narrator doesn’t mean I dont like gameranx. You’re allowed to complain about things you like if its for a decent tangible reason.

      Also Falcon isn’t the main draw stop it lol, that’s Jake. And to your last point, pretending to be an expert on a topic, in any context, and then getting caught for not being anywhere close to an expert is gonna rub some people the wrong way. Its not like he made a typo, he’s getting entire details and names wrong over and over on a ton of vids. If I’m watching a gameranx video about a gaming news story for example, and Falcon is explaining a situation he did hardly any research on to educate millions of ppl and get facts and names wrong, that’s obviously not cool (and hes done this). Thankfully its about video games and not something more serious, so it doesn’t have any serious effects on people’s perception of things, but it’s still unethical

    2. if you dnt like him why watch the videos???Falcon is actually gameranx biggest draw, these dudes have to make videos about hundreds of games there is no way this will get everything right.

  3. Any boss that constantly spawns minions (while often replenishing its health meter) is one that fills my rage meter to the max.

    1. @David Wallace honestly I don’t how to compare both on first play, I bought the dlc only when I was ng+4, on that NG midir was way worse then nameless for me. But yup, you are right about the whole pattern stuff, I think that midir’s size is what got me good 😂😂😂

    2. Re: I had a way harder time against The Nameless King
      Midir was hard, but once you learned his patterns it was way easier
      I mean you can say that about any boss
      But I never felt I needed to be 100% perfect or suuuuper buff to beat him.

      Obviously my opinion
      But I was just saying

    1. @_Guzman_ not gonna lie with you mate
      I did everything legit with the exception of the final pantheon
      Not my proudest but got tempted
      Still tho Hollow knight is among my fav games of all time

    2. @GENERAL YOUSIF I’m talking about the people who got it legally, I personally just finished the game, to tell the truth, I didn’t know that data, there is no honor and glory if it was achieved in this way.

  4. Katana Zero is a bonkers game. Falcon undersold like crazy. There are multiple time traveling stories, a torture scene, and multiple paths. A gem.

  5. I would have to say that as a kid, the original Ruby and Emerald weapons from FF7 was so challenging.. but now beating the Queen of the Valkari.. oh boy that was so difficult

  6. What about Faust from The Legend of Dragoon? You can’t even access it until you find 50 unmarked items without any way of knowing that they are there, including some that can be impossible to get to if missed. On top of that, once you do fight him he is crazy strong.


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