CYBERPUNK 2077 BIG Update 1.2 – Is It Fixed?

Cyberpunk 2077 (PC, PS4, Xbox) has obtained a large 1.2 patch replace. Has the game improved? Issues solved? Let's dive in.
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Comment (76)

    1. i dont get it i played through this game when it came out and barely any bugs, what kind of bad pc are you all using?????

    2. That’s crazy, I haven’t even tried yet the 1.2 patch and I don’t think I’ve had half of these bugs. (for example Panam walking and floating, the crossing sign, the crashing… heck the game hasn’t crashed a single time since I’ve had it!).

    3. On base ps4 almost every store has a legend armor.. And legend armor has at least 4 or 3 mod slot not less which is nice..

    1. @Ultimate Memer The You do realize that if every company in the world would shut down after a flop we would all still be throwing rocks at each other?

    2. Shut the hell up, nobody cares about this game anymore after they let us all down so damn hard. CDPR should really just shut down and give up.

  1. The T-Posing while driving was my most common bug at launch, I’m really surprised you guys didn’t have that until now lmao

    1. @CooKeeChris well if you dont have a ssd what are you doing playing cyberpunk 2077 even the minimum specs tell you to get a ssd

    1. @bopo900 If the developers were in charge of their own game, trust me it would have turned out a whole lot better.
      They didn’t choose a deadline, they were just given one by higher ups.

    2. @Condescension yeah but didnt they give themself a deadline? 4 times again and again. We were waiting for 7 years already. They could have gone with radio silence for another 2 year before starting to hype it up.

    3. It’s not the devs who are at fault it’s the greedy mfs sat in the office and share holders who ruin things as always

    4. @McCain Higher ups required it be released even though all the devs say the game isnt even close to being finished

      Cyberpunk’s development was the span of 4 years
      Wicher 3 was made in 5
      Original plan was it be done in 2022 but fsr the higher ups wanted Cyberpunk done before the new consoles came out and to be played on the older ones

    5. @McCain
      I mean the developers didn’t want to, because they knew it wasn’t ready. But they were given a deadline and they had to meet it.

    1. I said this to the Mrs yesterday when she told me about it being “fixed” save me some space on my ssd what a disaster this turned out to be

  2. I’ll wait till like 1.6 or whatever in a year. I’ve already waited this long, I’ll keep waiting. Let’s hope we don’t get an anthem in the end.

    1. @Robert Ale you were doing so good, until de multiplayer part… Remember my friend, this is CDPR Cyberpunk, not rockstars GTA V. And even there, rockstar failed to make RDR2 multiplayer as good and dynamic as GTA. Imagine the wreckfest cyberpunk multiplayer would be

    2. @BearManPig15 yeah because i have a laptop and a desktop, which both have been used to play it, and it ran fine on both,( of course not in 4k on the 2080 maxq) ok guy !

    3. @vince207 I’m not jelly you gave them $60 for an unfinished game. Glad it runs fine though, I just have higher standards maybe.

    4. @Kalin never had those issues, platined it with 120h of gameplay with no blocking bugs forcing to restart it …
      And maybe 1 or 2 crashes to desktop … On said 120h.
      I really rank it as one of my two best game experience of the year with doom eternal

  3. I love you guys, because you don’t unnecessarily crap all over games. You show the positive when it’s there. I hope this never changes.

  4. Anyone else noticed the new “Relic” attribute tree in the character menu? Got me hyped, I wonder what there gonna put in it!


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