10 WEIRD Gaming Stories of March 2021

March 2021 was no slouch within the video game information division – particularly if we speak in regards to the actually loopy stuff. From dishonest crime rings to video game preservation efforts, we’ve so much to interrupt down.
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Comment (59)

  1. Rockstar pays a guy $10,000 for fixing load times.

    EA: “You want a single high tier fifa player for that low price of $10,000?”

  2. When i was 12 I bought The Sims for my flip phone for $10 and wrote my mum an apology letter the same night cause i felt so guilty. How can a 13 year old not understand that they’re spending half a fortune ;_;

    1. The parents should make sure if they ever purchase anything that their details aren’t saved other than that they can’t do much accept try and teach their kids the difference between right and wrong i would have never touched my mam or dad’s credit cards fk that i wouldn’t have had a computer left to play my games on it would probably still be hidden in a cupboard someone now and there’s the fact that when i started gaming there was no such thing as mico transactions still i wouldn’t touch their credit cards.

    2. How can a person give a child a credit card and not monitor them. Both are pretty stupid to me. She’s lucky the credit card company even stopped it.

    3. @Tommen Baratheon oh yeah I agree they shouldn’t be in a game that you pay for in the first place I can understand micro transactions in a free to play game

    1. @Cy * That’s your fault. Maybe next time you can be the one making the microtransactions instead of being the dumbass parent who thinks their 7 kid can do it themselves

    1. @ClipsByRez Hypothetical meaning, unless I heard wrong, the guy calculated what it would take to make the dream team. I don’t think he actually did. If so, that’s inane. I was under the understanding he did math to show how ridiculous EA’s program is (which it still is).

    2. Its not hypothetical, its quite literal. In a year you can make 80k+ with a decent job. In a year its possible to travel the entire planet. Hell, in a year you can become a parent

      Or in a year you can play a game that will inevitably take a year off of your life from the lack of exersize you didnt get 😂

    1. he knew exactly what he was doing. He said he didn’t know what he was doing because his Grandma probably is still new to technology

  3. ‘In a post that was not to designed to boast
    tost was able to detail how to reduce the gta online load time by the most
    rockstar games not wanting to come off gross’

    Nice rhyme falcon😂😂

  4. That kid knew damn well what he was doing. Seriously, if you’re old enough to know your way around online stores, you’re old enough to know the difference between a dollar and 1400 of them.


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