Outriders: 10 Things The Game DOESN’T TELL YOU

Outriders (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S) is right here, and there's a TON to study because of the game's complicated mechanics. Listed here are some newbie suggestions.
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    1. Shouldn’t this be in “Gameranx’s World-Famous Lists” playlist otherwise it doesn’t show up on your homepage!

    2. Not here to be that guy, but dear god it’s not a clip, it’s a magazine. A clip is what feeds a Mauser pistol or something like a mosin negant or any firearm with an internal mag. No the m1 garand is an exclusion , won’t get into it. Mags are AR-15/m16/m4, Ak pattern rifles. Please stop saying clip, it’s one of my biggest pet peeves

  1. Why are my cut scenes still shaking it’s so damn annoying.
    Also don’t forget to turn off motion blur if you get sick from it like I do.

    1. @Yung G Gameranx are far from incompetent. If you feel that way about them why are you here watching their videos?

  2. A few more (advanced) tips):
    – If your MOD has a little “window” ability while socketed in a weapon: it means you already have that MOD recipe. So feel free to sell that item. It’s a repeat. If it DOESN’T have that window symbol: then make sure to dismantle it to gain that recipe. Try to collect them all.
    – Items have SHARDS. usually they are added stats on an item like + close weapon damage. Or more Hitpoints etc etc. The stat that has the little SHARD symbol next to it is the only ability shards you’ll get when you dismantle. You can then use these ability shards to upgrade other items with them. For example: if you disassemble a weapon that had a shard symbol next to “Long range damage increase”, then those specific shards will go into your resource pool. And if you then find another weapon with the long range damage increase stat; you can then upgrade that modifier by throwing more shards into them.
    – When you die: your world rank EXP bar goes down. So don’t die lol. It’s much easier when you have a friend to play with and you can res each other if you are downed. You each have 1 self raise per battle, so use it only if your friend can’t get to you.

  3. I got it free with game pass waiting for it to download and this shows up in my recommendations… They’re spying on me

  4. You forgot to mention there will be a little symbol that looks like the windows logo on a piece of gear to the right of the mod if you already have that mod unlocked, so then you can still choose to scrap it for the materials or maybe you wanna sell it for money without having to go into the crafting menu to know if you already have that mod. Great video guys 👍

    1. At 6:40 he talks about a red symbol that will tell you if you already have a gear piece with that mod equipped, im talking about a black logo with 4 dots that’s tells you if you have already broken down a gear piece to unlock a mod for further use.

  5. I’m loving the game, just wish it wasn’t so janky and stiff, also they dropped the ball with really utilizing the duelsense, i wish they went full fledge with it

    1. @Console Gaming I’ll take you word for it then! I’ve got Yakuza and Monster Hunter to play first but I’ll put it on the list. Thanks!

    2. @Qwopis Yeah the cover system is pretty bad. Overall the game is like Borderlands + Doom. It’s a great game, just janky at times.

    3. @Jordan Sonntag If your internet connection is stable (even if it is very slow) you’ll be fine. If you’re playing solo it only uses the internet connection to track progress 😊

  6. This is the first game I actually feel like I got my money’s worth on. I got exactly what I expected and I’m very pleased

    1. Yup …I’m playing on series x so I could’ve got it for gamepass..but I dig the demo so much I just straight bought it …definitely worth it so far

  7. The ability to respec skill trees is amazing idk why games just started doing this without using some sort of consumable item


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