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Outriders (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S) is the most recent shooter with tons of loot. What makes it totally different? Let's speak.

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Comment (73)

  1. This series has save me more money than any other reviewers out there because it’s not an actual 100% review i genuinely enjoy it.

    1. You should check out ACG. He breaks it down as a buy, wait for sale, or deep deep sale. He too can save you lots of money.

    1. “Decent” was probably my best description of this. Lots of promise, but a number of issues that felt like they just ran out of gas in the last few months. Like a 6.5/10… worth getting on significant sale, but I’m not buying thing for $60 at this point.

  2. It is oddly addicting. These type of games are plentiful and usually I can’t play them without friends. This is different, I enjoyed my solo play throughout the time I was in there.

  3. Glad I waited for the late review embargo to be lifted. One note about coop: normal games just increase health pools with additional players but this game drastically increases the amount of enemies onscreen as well. That’s a really nice change

    1. Ive sunk a couple K hours into Defiance, and Outriders def has that Defiance vibe, but WAY smoother. Also Defiance was an open-world “MMO”, so it was different in that regard. Shame the Devs absolutely ruined that game, and for those that are curious…Defiance is still playable but will be officially shutting down at the end of April.

  4. Unpopular opinion: the main character feels pretty realistic…i really enjoyed all his dialogue..im glad they made the mc talk instead of a silent protagonist

    1. I don’t mind the MC. But why does the camera have to shake like it’s an action scene when it’s just two characters sitting down and talking.

    2. i feel the same. somehow CrItiCS think a mercenary that grew up under dire conditions should be suuuuuper cuddly and soft and heartfelt and warm. i think he is believable.
      foughthis his whole life. watched friends die and most likely has seen everything he experiences in the game before minus the powers and monsters

    1. @Michael Westen lol everyone’s a critic I think this game is fun so far. Pretty much every game has it’s pros and cons just because you don’t like it don’t mean others won’t. Instead of being a d#&+k about it maybe State your opinion of why you don’t like it instead of acting like a little boy🤷😂

    2. @Joeseph Fournier Fournier I’m with you on that everyone has their own taste in games and shouldn’t ridicule others for it. I’ve enjoyed it since I played the Demo and got the Trickster and started over when I bought it. I waited until it came out on the 1st so I could spend my 50 card I’ve been trying waiting for something to come along I might like. I have found it, to h;$#$^ with all else I don’t let others run my life!😛😁!! HAVE A GOOD 👍ONE ! ENJOY!

    1. @Martin yea lots of dope people out there. This one guy near your comment had to come and ruin it though. As expected

    2. Damn I was expecting a lot of console warrors in this comment thread but it’s actually insanely wholesome.

      Thats nice to see on the Internet for once, keep up the good work people 😊👍

  5. I like these before you buy videos, they actually let us know what we’re gonna get when we buy it, pros and cons, a channel with a purpose.

    1. @gameranx oofs sorry for leaving impression that can be taken other way around. I tend to buy games and then watch before you buy video to see if/how much I regret it😅

      good and informative yet spoiler free videos are awesome

    1. I’m not sure if there’s been any improvements since the demo, but there were a few issues with graphics that REALLY irked me, like characters in conversations just snapping back into place after that convo option was finished (see the first convo with Shira in the opening or talking to Eva after you get her back to town), and parts of enemies clipping through walls that they were taking cover behind.

      This game felt like there was a lot of good possibility, but a lot of stuff that needed to be fixed. And my friends all said about every problem “Well, it’s a beta.” My response was “IT’S LESS THAN A MONTH FROM RELEASE. THEY’VE BEEN WORKING ON IT FOR OVER FIVE YEARS.”

    1. I checked just now and there’s about 10+ game plays on here of It Takes Two on here the longest was four months ago, another one was 2 weeks ago. So there’s plenty to give you an idea about whether you want it or not!


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