Some superior consumer created stuff, large strikes for PS+ and Xbox Game Move, thrilling new game trailers, and extra in every week stuffed with gaming information.

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Practical user-made stuff (by way of BadRobo)



Cool stop-motion game

MLB The Present goes to GamePass


One other delay:

Suez Canal Flight Sim

Narita Boy

Extra No Man’s Sky

Cyberpunk patchhttps://www.cyberpunk.web/en/information/37801/patch-1-2-list-of-changes
Our verdict:

Village gameplay:

GameStop PC gaming {hardware} lol

Oregon Path returns:

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Comment (63)

  1. shorter show today – thanks for stopping by! hope you have a good weekend. Plz, as always, let us know what you’re playing!

    1. @rudeMALITIA hahahaaaa very original pointing me out for pointing out the guy who pointed out the dude who pointed out the guy for not being original

    1. It is cool but consider that it is only a tiny scene from one angle, putting that in an actual game is easier said than done

    2. Yeah but a lot of AAA studios have to optimize their games for lower quality systems. Considering that most people don’t have a extremely expensive pc it is not financially viable to make crazy looking graphics considering the cost/demand.

  2. I’m sorry to hear Star Wars is being delayed, but it’ll give me a chance to play my ever expanding backlog.

    1. @chuckman321 dont skip origins, skip odyssey if anything, origins still holds true to what the assassins are. Bayek is a g, while the game ain’t perfect, dont skip it. Its stays true to what assassin’s creed is, the feeling, the lore, that and (somewhat) Valhalla. Odyssey is straight trash, and full of nonsense. Terrible game in regards to what assassins creed is all about.

    2. Bruuuh. I just bought AC: Origins and Odyssey in a spring sale for the first time. ‘The List’ is eternal, for it never ends.

    1. Haven’t played online yet, these games usually have server problems in the beginning, but I’ll take technical problems over just a bad game *cough anthem* any day

  3. “Hey jake, this is us ‘folks’, here to listen all your video game news that has been going around for a week” also “we want more grain of salt 🧂”

  4. “Speaking of big ladies, Gamestop is in the news for selling PC gaming hardware” – Jake
    Truly, an impeccable transition as always Jake


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