10 Video Game AI Partners WE HATED

Typically having assist in video video games isn’t superb. Listed here are a number of the worst AI managed in-game companions EVER.
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  1. Most of the AI teammates in Halo Reach were bad, but Kat was on another level. Always drove me off a cliff in Tip of the Spear when I let her drive the warthog.

    1. @Friendly Salad Because we want to shoot the big mounted weapons instead of our Stormtrooper level accurate NPCs 🙂

  2. Even before learning who Micah really was, I hated doing quests with him because every time I would, I’d end up being wanted with a huge bounty

    1. @Kool Keith Productions yeah it’s called top ten ai partners we hated so why do you think he has to be excluded even if it was on purpose it’s not that complicated, sure he was designed to be annoying but that didn’t stop people from hating him so he deserves the spot on the list.

    2. @Josiah Bicelis The name of the video is “AI partners we hated”, and the reason for hating 9/10 of the characters on the list was that they were either useless or annoying, but not on purpose. Micah is useless and annoying, *BUT ON PURPOSE.* lol

    3. @chiriboga 11 I know just thought it would be pretty annoying if you were half way through the game and saw something like this but At least he didn’t spoil what happens at the end

  3. Random fact if you tell Ashley to “wait” at the top of a ladder, climb down it, and aim up, she’ll go “You pervert!”

    1. She also will pull her skirt to cover herself. Additionally, there’s a ladder tall enough that you can do this without her reacting.

    1. See, I never understood that, myself. I always built up the defense of the settlements and made sure they were well walled in so that enemies only had one real route to attack from, and loaded it up with enough turrets and such that the security rating of the settlement outweighed everything else. I think I got a request for help exactly once, before I had gotten enough materials to do so with your old home settlement.

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    2. @Mr Roboshadow not to mention, a spoiled rich girl nuting up in a hurry to help with her own survival would hardly be the most fantastical thing going on in a Resident Evil game.

    3. @Slayer Runefrost tell you what buddy
      Take a firearm you never even touched and try to fire it
      See how easy it is
      Also go into the woods with no gear and no camping skills
      She’s the president’s daughter, she’s a rich white american teen girl, what weight are you expecting her to pull in a place shes never been to before against zombie like monsters?

  4. Ashley first time: “Why Jesus, why”
    Ashley after you get the knight armor for her: “What is Ashley?”

  5. I totally forgot about “Leon, help!” And as soon as he mentioned it, countless memories came flooding back. None of them good.

    1. I hope for the RE 4 remake have her be less annoying or maybe she be like Elizabeth from bioshock infinite as well as Ellie from the last of us like she can help you but if your not carefully she will die and it’s a game over unlike Ellie she can’t fight but she could find Ideas to help the player like bullets and herbs I am just saying for the remake. either way I hope she be better in the remake

    1. @Fearheaven hmm, not sure then. i’m quite curious about how you achieved that though, its cool when you can find a way to do something in a game you didn’t realize was possible, or when you find a hidden area

    2. @Fearheaven i’ve gotten with Anders as both, and had characters that were renegades, sarcastic, and just plain nice, and never really noticed much difference, though it was years ago i last played it, and i don’t think i went full force renegade, so maybe it has something to do with that

    3. @Fearheaven don’t know how you accomplished that, i don’t see an option for that in the dragon age keep, so maybe it was a secret ending? like that ending in Tomb Raider only certain people got?

  6. You guys put way more editing into your videos than is standard or necessary but it’s such a *you* recognisable style and i appreciate your loyalty to it!

  7. Those three allies in Ghost Recon: Wildlands are such a nuisance. Instead of helping, they become the reason why my missions always fail.

  8. I remember the first time I played through rdr2, especially towards the end of the game at the final camp, encountering Micah made my heart race. Arthur may not have been intimidated, but I might have been.

    Truly, Micah Bell is one of the best villains in gaming history. Unpredictable yet so unlikable, genius writing.

    1. @the redprawn So the video just showed and discussed major spoilers lol. But you have a problem with this comment? And this game has been out for more than a few years now.


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