Some video game weapons are simply an excessive amount of. Listed below are some insanely OP weapons that wanted to be fastened, banned, or lower from video games solely.
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    1. Oh that game was so good I played it when I was four I think I played in 2012 I started playing video games and I was three in 2011

    2. this but many others from the same game.People forget the spas which was almost the same in power in the right hands,the intervertion,the normal barret 50 cal,the ump45 and of course the perk with the knife which let you knife enemies from 25 km.I was 13 when i played mw2 on my ps3 and now 25 but i still remember every gun in that game and all the modes.For me it was and will be the best cod.

  1. “The list of OP guns removed from Fortnite is longer than the list of total guns available right now” did I hear him right? That is fucking insane

    1. They remove weapons all the time for other reasons such as to fit the theme of the season, to make room for new stuff so the loot pool isn’t ridiculously overcrowded, or when a weapon becomes redundant. Only a couple have been completely removed before they’re OP

    2. Fact: No kids i know play fortnite. They are either too old and play other games, or are still playing mario kart.

  2. Hey guys, would you consider having a dark background for transitioning between numbers? It’s super jarring to be ok night mode then get blasted in the face with white light.

    1. @Dom Cairney it’s cause so many bugs and glitches that it’s been removed like 2 to 3 times. My fav glitch was instant supers if you threw a grenade at it’s bullets

    2. @Jordyn Morris I take it that gun was OP too? not clued up on telesto, can’t say I played destiny 2 unfortunately. 😞 fell out of love with the first game after the barrage of DLC became more or less useless after all the grinding. But such is life I guess

  3. So the most overpowered gun is a sword.
    It is like searching the most popular women
    on Google and finding Justin Bieber on it.

    1. Yeah, there’ve been a few weird choices in the recent rankings.

      I get that it’s tough to come up with lists that are new AND interesting and then also to have everything fit that list, but it’s gotten a bit out of hand.

      Maybe someone was on vacation or sick and they had to scramble to churn out content or something. Or maybe, and I hope that’s not the case, the channel’s slowly going downhill.

    2. @Amel Kalay Probably because they never even played much of Dark Souls. Notice that always when they talk about any From Soft game they always show the same footage or just images without footage. They are doing that over the past year at least.


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