Some "bad" video game endings are literally fairly nice. While an end result could also be a downer, a well-executed payoff or a hear-wrenching scene all the time makes a game really feel price it. Listed below are some examples.
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0:00 Intro
0:15 Halo Attain
1:45 Purple Useless Redemption
3:03 Final of Us
4:42 Steel Gear Strong 3
6:18 Darkness
7:46 The Strolling Useless
9:07 Shadow of the Colossus

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  1. Mad Max kinda got me in the feels. The woman and the child you tried to get free and protect die either way and Max just rides into the sunset, devastated and depressed, again. The game might not be perfect, but the ending just gets that perfect sense of desperation and loneliness.

  2. I know Ghost of Tsushima doesn’t technically have a “bad” ending but I must say both endings feel super natural and both are equally as good. One hits you in the feels and the other wraps up Jins character in such a perfect and badass way that feels totally fitting.

  3. Honorable mentions: LA Noire, both endings of Grand Theft Auto IV (plus the expansion The Lost and the Damned), all endings of Spec Ops: The Line and NieR, the Bad ending of Silent Hill 1(ode to Jacob’s Ladder), and the In Water ending of Silent Hill 2.

    1. @Hikkykostaja I was scrolling through the comment section looking if anyone had mentioned this. In tying up loose ends Edgar Ross (?, long time since I played) created a new one

    1. I had to feel sorry for her older bro who worked at the fish factory – his story hit me in the feels … a creative soul who is by circumstance forced to work a menial job … I have been there and god does it feel shite

    1. I’ve been saying this but filthy casuals always keep saying, “Nah man, they left it as a cliffhanger”. Every great game does not need a sequel but alas money speaks louder than how something turned out to be great and could’ve been left alone.

    1. I got so annoyed when I got the good ending. Felt like there was no climax and no pay off. Like a bad sex experience for both parties

  4. Playing thru the last of us the first time is an experience I wish I could live thru the first time again man it’s such a great narrative and it’s played so well by all the characters

    1. Overrated. Like I love it but no it’s not something I want experience again for the first time. Just an emotional story that’s good, nothing more, nothing less. That’s just casual talk, people who haven’t played many great games that isn’t TLou.

      Too bad P2 was a huge let down tho. Story wasn’t all that great but once again, casuals make it seem like it’s a masterpiece when really it’s the most predictable thing ever and the most basic revenge story. Acting, music and gameplay was superb tho.

    1. People generally didn’t like the ME3 endings. So on a general gaming channel, I don’t think they are willing to take the heat for that. But yeah, at least the refusal version would worth a mention.
      On the other hand ME2 is universally liked, despite being the weakest ME game in my eyes, so Suicide Mission no squadmate survives could be a rational pick for them.

    2. @János Brutyó The biggest problem with ME3’s endings was that there used to be no good ending and the way to achieve the good ending was by grinding all the side missions and required a lot of time. These problems were somewhat fixed later by a patch, but it still isn’t perfect. I might be the minority here but I found the “bad” ending very gripping. I didn’t expect this kind of ending and it left a deep impression on me. However I can understand that many people were let down by it, especially when they tried to get a good ending and instead got one of the bad ones.

      ME1 and ME2 also have good bad endings that aren’t nearly as controversial, so they can definitely be talked about.

    1. I played the demo for Darkness 2 and thought it was dope. Never actually bought neither though. High key regret never playing the actual games.

    2. So true. I loved the comics and really enjoyed the games, especially the second. I’d love a total reboot

  5. the worlds worst ending is the bad rdr2 ending when micah goes damm you and arthur goes :DAMM US BOTH!!:then micah shoots him


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