PS5 Update: 10 New & Hidden Features You Should Know

Sony's PS5 has acquired a brand new system software program replace that fixes and adjustments a small number of issues. Right here's every part you have to know.
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    1. I play on PC and baffled that these are “features” ….. I mean, onl 600gb of disk and no option to play from usb…. Whyyy are people buying these??

    2. AnotherGuy12 Enjoy your 30 fps, I’m only getting triple of that when i’m playing apex on PC. Before you say it, mouse and keyboard slaps.

    3. @Hollow Theorist Casually running almost all competitive games on 120 with apex soon getting 120 fps as well, meanwhile you are here bragging about getting 90 on a pc that you probably paid more to get than a ps5 👁👄👁

    1. @rightnleft iphone12 also high demand last time,launch almost the same time as ps5,also shortage of stock,more complex to built,more expensive,also during pandemic,but manage to solve the issue,yup maybe the pandemic only hit the sony factory hardest compare to other company.

    2. I got so lucky back in December it was back on stock for 2 MINUTES, if I wasn’t on there I would of missed it

    3. @Mr Man Maybe people who want to play something other than upscaled last gen games? Only thing we know for sure is landing this year on Series X is Halo Infinite.

    4. @J Ali im not paying an extra 100 for a brick of technology that can only run like 3 games at maximum efficiency and to fully enjoy the experience a couple extra hundreds for a 4k Tv or monitor

    5. Guys get Twitter and follow Jake Randall, he gives announcements and tips on where and how to get a PS5 as soon as they’re available. Because of him, I got mine yesterday

  1. Not gunna lie. Was really hoping for themes. I know that there are those who are happy these features were rolled out, but man, give us themes!

    1. My PS4 theme has been imprinted in my subconscious. Can’t wait for 5 years when seeing even an icon from my PS4 theme will make me collapse due to nostalgia

    2. For real lol like how are you gonna have themes on the ps3 and 4 yet on your newest generation you just delete it. Makes no sense. Only reason it makes sense is because every app your hovering on has its on background or a lil picture and sense we always start on an icon when turning on the console there isn’t a reason to have them I guess.

  2. FINALLY! The hidden games feature is finally here, I’m so sick of seeing locked games in my library.

  3. 11:10 I love how falcon said “if you like this video click like” as if he was casually hitting on another falcon.

  4. I think the best feature is the fact that mine doesn’t exist
    Edit: actually after hearing how many issues it is having, I’m gonna gladly wait for the second edition

    1. I havent had any issues other than the odd game crash. Pretty minor since its quite rare and depends on which games, some dont crash at all

    2. Same. I’m not in a rush. I skipped an entire generation as I really wasn’t feeling the consoles. I can wait another 1-2 years.

    1. I didn’t mean to offend or trigger anyone, I just live in a society where gaming is seen as being unproductive and wasteful. I also work as an automation engineer which sometimes translates into after hours. Can’t wait to play Returnal later this month 😅

    2. I don’t think anyone took offense, I just thought the over 30 was humorous.
      32 years ago I thought turning 30 was getting kinda old, time passes very quickly, keep enjoying yourself.

    3. Over 30…LOL…I just turned 62 in November.
      I played PC games for 30 years before I bought a PS4 pro.
      Picked up a PS5 in December from a Walmart drop.
      There’s a lot of good things to say about playing games while relaxing in the recliner on a 65” screen.

    1. I dont know if you are including menu music in thaa=t comment, but if you are, then you can turn the music off with a setting.

    1. @gravy d ya it’s not the greatest console but the exclusives will be worth it, I still think the Xbox series x has a better controller and gui. Also the quick resume feature is rlly nice.

    2. The console is very quiet. But the Blueray can make some Noise.
      When you play download games, be sure that there no disk in the drive.

    3. @Human go to Sony Website, there is a warranty section. Type in the serial No and stuff and you get a new one. Or try It at the Shop where you bought the console.

    4. @Riese 1979 I bought it from Amazon so I don’t have warranty. I’ll have to buy another 80$ remote lol. But I haven’t played on my ps5 in a week or so, games that release on all consoles I play on my series x.

    1. @AnotherGuy12 you just dissing on the ps5 everywhere , I love Xbox and I have both Xbox and ps5 but you’re just being ridiculous. The only major difference I can see between the 2 is that one has game pass and one has exclusives

  5. My PS5 has been very quiet. I’ve had it for about a month or so now and it’s been way more quiet than my PS3 and PS4. I can’t even hear it unless I put my ear to it.

    1. @Zach Privett That could be the case but still. A lot of ppl treat the PS5 with utmost care, and still get noises. Have mine on a table with little to nothing around it. Still makes some noise, but tbh I dont mind cuz its supposed to make some.

    2. @Cody Clark Saw that too. I’m not that comfy so I won’t open it up. Though I did get mine 3-4 weeks ago.

    3. @kurokubushi i still buy disc’s only bc I’m kind of a hoarder aka collector but I also digital dl certain games too….best of both worlds and have more space

  6. Oh boy, I can’t wait to check out those new features!
    Now all I have to do is get a PS5… Somehow

    1. I wouldn’t sweat too hard bro, there are no fkn games for it, i paid $1200 for mine and its very meh, only 2 games that even use the controller features… pretty disappointing tbh

    2. @Thehitman 346 meh, its only $700 extra, I wanted one, i wanted one then and there, so i bought one…. Hardly used it though 😂😂

    1. You are absolutely right. That said, while I’m disappointed by the lack of must have games so far, the gaming experience itself is definitely a step up from last gen.
      A fast UI and PS store are great, 60fps is great, short loading times are great to have and the Dualsense, even without the gimmicks, is a better controller than the DS4 imo.
      I can safely say after finishing Bloodborne, DS1, DS2, DS3 and the Demon Soul’s remake in that order last year, that you won’t miss or even want to go back to the PS4 days once you make the jump.

    2. No, it’s not – i have one and even from a legit local game-retailer for 499 bucks – the key element is patience, i know, some of you have never heard of what that is, but if you just wait a 4 months+, as i had to, you’ll eventually get a phone or mail from your local gaming retailer, that your ordered PS5 has arrived and is ready for you to pick it up – plain and simple.

      As it stands, an Xbox Series X is much, much, much harder to find than a PS5 right now.


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