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Cyberpunk DLC

Murderer’s Creed leaks
by way of:

PS5 document

PlayStation article

Nintendo indie showcase

Resident Evil Village:

Days Gone PC:

The Day Earlier than gameplay:

Age of Empires 4 gameplay trailer and new particulars:

Shadow Man remastered trailer:
Extra Mass Impact comparability trailer:


Nintendo and Xbox?

Sq. Enix

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Comment (62)

    1. of course its the highest selling console when one scalper buys 60 systems within 17 seconds of it going live on sale. ffs

  1. “I’m a gamer damnit. I want what I want and I want it now” – Jake Baldino

    You could have not summed up gamers more simply.

  2. Imagine King Richard running around fighting, assassinating, eating shrooms around the kingdom, while his subjects stay in castles waiting for him to run their errands.

    1. Peasant: “Hey, King Richard! I lost my pet goat and I need you to go out in the woods and find him. In exchange, you’ll get a slice of cheese!”

    2. King Richard be like:
      *Trade offer*
      -I get info about the local french garrison
      -you get a *CRUSADE*

  3. Hello good sir, I come in need of my weekly grain of salt

    EDIT: thank you good sir, I did not have to wait a lot of time for my grain of salt

  4. It’s funny that, it could be tencent who’s buying square enix, yet I’ll just spread salt to keep tencent away

  5. If they make a last of us remake, I’m going to hunt down a naughty dog exec and slap them with a script for a fresh new IP.

    1. If you want to know more about this situation, I recommend the talk with Jason Schreier.
      Search on YouTube for „The Last Of Us Remake, Days Gone 2, Nintendo Reveals – The MinnMax Show“ from April 16th.
      Was pretty interesting imo

    2. @Warzone Beats fortnite 100 people should care and should not buy shitty games and weak console in the modern times

  6. Gamers outreach? What an awesome idea. So many people don’t realize how horrid it is being stuck in the hospital. Damn I really like that idea and hope it catches on.

  7. Jake, we’ve talked about this, you can’t keep taking my MGS4 shirt without asking me. I’mma tell mom next time.

  8. Heard so many gaming outlets saying that Days Gone 2 was “unexpectedly cancelled”… and I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. Then, my boi Jake tells me it’s $#!+canned, and I’m like, “Oh, I got you bro. Thanks for speaking in layman’s terms.”


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