10 Times Xbox & Playstation ROASTED Each Other

Typically Sony and Microsoft get spicy with each other. From PS5 all the best way again to the unique Xbox, listed here are our favourite examples of public spats.
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    1. Damn sony’s currently heading in a different direction now I hope they get better than today. They are becoming worse (closing down ps3 and psvita store) I’m getting nervous for the sony’s current head I feel like they’re too confident

    2. @V Man It’s the same way on PlayStation, you activate whichever PlayStation as your primary PlayStation, and then everyone on that PlayStation can play your games.

  1. I am not a fan of console wars but seeing the mental gymnastics people pull out to defend their console is too funny

  2. Remember a few months ago when Philadelphia cheese made a commercial called the “Philly series 5?” And it was a complete copy of the PS5 commercial? (Yes I know it was a joke but it was still hilarious)

    1. @Jigsaw_TheKiller I still got it on my notifications its “10 Xbox & Playstation SPATS that were actually funny” Give credit to Madmansmitty though, if it wasn’t for my notification i wouldn’t have even come close to how well he did lol

    2. @Jigsaw_TheKiller The original title was “10 Xbox & PlayStation SPATS That Were Actually Funny”.

    3. @Jigsaw_TheKiller it was something like times Xbox and PlayStation insult each other and it turned out to be funny or something along those lines, I wish I remembered

  3. Everyone wants backwards compatibility! When the PS3 came out with one (MGS4 bundle), I had to have it. Never getting rid of it!

    1. Everyone? It’s never been a decided factor for me when buying a console as I have never been interested in playing old games

  4. phill Spencer: nobody even wants vr

    jim ryan: who even wants backwards compatibility, these games are aNciENt.

  5. those ps2 stands are such a genius idea (lived somewhere in the middle east), totally got me hooked been a loyal fan ever since


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