The Day Before’s Ambitious Take on Division Meets Last of Us

The Day Earlier than caught our eye after a reveal trailer. Is it too bold? Too spinoff? Full of potential? Let's dive in.
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  1. I will never fall to the hype trap ever again. Will see if its good or just a division clone with zombies when it comes out…..but for now, watching the gameplay trailer gives me the same vibes as back when they released the first division trailer and we know how did that ended…..but the fact that its not an EA or Ubuysoft game fills me with a little bit of hope.

    1. I keep hoping that devs will acually focus on releasing a solid, functioning game rather than release a buggy mess that looks good.

    2. @SoloPAC well DayZ is also nothing like Stalker. Fallout and especially Metro are games who are come to mind. Fallout is still way to different but would be the nex game to compare. It’s more about the setting and not about the gameplay.

    3. @Serp D. yeah I’ve never played stalker, but i have a lot of experience in DayZ which basically has the same premise as The Day Before, zombies & PVP….

    4. @SoloPAC I don’t think you ever played stalker or have some more imagination. Zombies are just weaker humans in general. Dumb enemies make no fun if that’s all you got besides players.

    1. @FalloutBoy Gaming Channel I believe this quote means to not get carried away. Still you need to aim high enough so it becomes challenging and not boring but at the same time you gotta be prepared if the outcome is not what you desired so you dont lose hope.

    1. It’s the word ‘meets’ that is confusing everyone. Changing it to ‘and’ would make it more comprehensible.

  2. Remember playing the 1st division with my friends and saying like man would it be awesome if they drop some zombie DLC in here

    1. Imagine SHD Agent and Rogue Agent meet each other and about to start a chaos, but zombies come out of nowhere

    2. The Division 1 map is one of the greatest playgrounds ever made. So much that they could’ve done with it. This looks like what we all wanted The Division 1 to be.

      We can hope.

    3. Exactly what I kept saying. Imagine the body bags busting open. E.t.c when they kept making all those crazy dlc,s for wildcards I said to my mate the division needs a zombie nightmare dlc.

  3. I just wish The Division developers didn’t drop the ball on a franchise with so much potential. Post apocalyptic New York is always a great setting. This looks like a DLC they should’ve made for The Division.

    1. The division license is boring and limited they have star wars and avatar now so I hope they can do some great unique gameplay

  4. I’m taking all of their videos with a massive truckload of salt. I cant believe what any devs show us anymore and will just assume they will all release broken and the real “release date” will be a year after it actually released

    1. @DougK i just think we eat up anything the RE devs throw at us nowadays lol epspecially with them showing out every time
      besides that re verse but i’m not a huge fan of multiplayer

    2. Idk, RE8 looks pretty legit comparing the trailers to the 30 min demo that was released this weekend. So not all devs are liars in what they show. I mean i get that’s only 1 example, but still.

    3. @Timgoodblades You’re not wrong tbh was curious about the devs and they already have an unfinished early access surival game from 2018. Then they followed that up with a solid indie narrative gam and a pretty solid (Indie looking but still cool) arctic top down survival game.

      Though they self published the cancelled one and have a publisher this time around (though they don’t seem to be a big one given they’re a russian publisher and have only published smaller games as of now)

    1. The PVP turns me away a hit. Depends on if I can get someone to play it with me, knowing they and I lose *everything* if we die… Will depend if they make a online PVE Server or not.

  5. Really need to question the studio developing this, and last I checked they didn’t give the appearance they can achieve something this ambitious

  6. I hope we get a “Division 3” one day. It’d be cool if it was set somewhere new like Las Vegas, Houston or Miami.

  7. “It looks like a large part of the game play involves shooting it out with other players.” God I really hope not…

  8. When you start to have cyberpunk flashbacks when people talk about the graphics before the game is out

    1. @Serp D. there are but that doesn’t mean Cyberpunk 2077 has bad graphics, also I personally really love Cyberpunk 2077’s Graphics especially because of its world which is quite unique since it’s the first proper Open World game set in Cyberpunk setting.

  9. Im going to definitely snatch this up!!!!

    A couple of weeks or so after release of course! What’d you expect me to say?


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