10 Bosses That Looked HARD But Ended Up As Pushovers

Some video game bosses look menacing and problem however find yourself being completely simple to beat. Listed below are a few of our favourite foolish examples.
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#7 Borderlands clip through:

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    1. I don’t know… I was going for secret ending the first time, on easy, was alone, with plunging max health, and was a bit underleveled, so Adam Smasher kind of almost wiped the floor with me. The whole mission is quite challenging in the secret ending.

    1. Alduin fight should be more like the Giant Frost Troll fight from one of the DLCs, if you go unprepared you die.

    2. Alduin was the first born of akatosh, Not the first dragon . That honor belongs to Akatosh. That being said he is still a pushover unless you just rush him. More perks and powers the easier he gets.

    1. I feel like last bosses in many games now seem to be more theatrical and story driven usually a dungeon or fights or harder I thought the two big dudes in the mines at the end before you climb the ladder to beginning of resident evil 7 in the room where you find mia

  1. I really like the fan theory that Alduin is weak because he denied his purpose in order to rule and that’s why he is so weak

    1. That theory’s somehow both the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life, and the most intelligent thought associated with Skyrim.

    2. It’s theory based on lore, and as stated above, he turned his back on his destiny. He is the world-eater, and his purpose is to destroy the world and remake it anew, but since he turned his back on his destiny to destroy and recreate, and chose instead to rule as he did before, he loses his divine powers of world-destruction, and is merely a powerful dragon who is recognised as the strongest by his kin

    3. @Alan Junker I guess to a narrative it makes it feel better but still kinda feels like an overall bad excuse for bad boss fight

    4. @Silkie Shag he wasn’t supposed to rule, he was supposed to destroy. So when he decided to rule he lost his strength

    1. Narwa isnt the “Final boss” tho. The real ending is coming in the future, so there is that. And she was mentioned out of nowhere too so there wasnt that much of a build up

  2. Number 11: the guy with Asian letters in the gamertag that You though it was going to be a pro but just turns out to be another average player.

  3. The black hand of Sauron from shadow of Mordor is one could’ve replaced any of these on the list I’m disappointed that it wasn’t

    1. Also the Tower of Sauron, literally just sneak around and brand him a few times and it’s over. The bosses of Shadow of Mordor looked so cool, it’s a shame that they didn’t deliver

  4. The original Syphon Filter final boss is taken down by one gas grenade. Borderlands 2, dlc boss Doctor Nakamura is beaten by stairs

    1. I was sitting there for like 2 minutes planning on how to beat him since I was thinking it was an actual boss fight

  5. In borderlands 3 the final boss in the campaign is tyreen the destroyer, so technically they brought back the destroyer, its a fun fight, actually has some challenge.

    1. @Proud Beaner II First time I did it it kinda was but doing it on mayham 11 really felt the same amount of challenging. Still a good fight though.

  6. The electricutioner fight was the funniest fights in the Arkham series I remember being nervous on how I’m gonna fight him too


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