RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE Castle Demo Trailer 4K (PS5)

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RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE Castle Demo Trailer 4K (PS5) RE8
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    1. @Stewie Griffin bertelsjan replied in comments that the song is giveon by vanish. I haven’t checked it out yet

  1. Just saw Mortal Kombat. Can’t wait for tomorrow and May 7th. 🙂 I want to pew pew werewolves and vampires

  2. Is that drake on the song lol fr though the song puts more emphasis on Ethan losing his wife r&b vibes🖤

  3. I’m quite glad that the game will be released in 2 weeks but only I think they will try to do something like resident evil 4 to bring back the old to the fans but this pronya will probably not exceed expectations 😑 but nothing is known to see the game first 🙂

  4. besides returning the old soundtrack from resident evil 7 really the sound of 7 mica is unique and the current maya some who don’t even know his name sings in the song in my opinion in the soundtrack of the game no one should sing

  5. Greetings. I’m producing a Rpg game, called “Parallel”. I made a page on Steam, but I want to bring it to the consoles 🙏


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