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Thrilling new issues coming for PS5 and Xbox Series X homeowners, Battlefield 6 is on the horizon, KOTOR remake rumors resurface, and extra in every week FULL of gaming information.
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*How a 'Earlier than You Purchase' video is made:


Xbox graphics replace:

(Additionally Cloud beta for Home windows and iOS)

Sony’s PS Plus video:

PS3 and Vita lives

Jeff Kaplan leaves Blizzard

Play Tomb Raider in a browser

Check Drive Photo voltaic Crown

Portal Reloaded:

New Warzone map:

BF 6 coming quickly

KOTOR rumors once more:

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Comment (74)

  1. Watching Mortal Kombat this weekend? Playing a good game? Let us know!! and thanks as always for stopping by and watching.

    1. @Ninja Sushi so you haven’t been paying attention to the numerous articles that have come out about it that’s on you 🤷‍♂️

  2. Throughout this chaotic and ever changing world, it gives me comfort to realize that as always your name will always be Jake Baldino.

    1. @Prophis Ohhh yeah, but the deep growly one he does through the side of his mouth. Like when he’s mad. lol.

  3. One of these days Jake is gonna forget to introduce himself at the beginning. That is when we will know the robots have taken over.

    1. “As always, my name’s J-” … *stares straight faced at camera for five seconds* “accessing memory logs. . . . . . Jake Baldino”

  4. You should bring someone else to host the Friday show for a day so they can say, “Hi, unusually, I’m not Jake Baldino.”

  5. “As usual, it’s me Jake.” What? Are you like, not Jake for the majority of the time and you can only turn into Jake for two hours cause an alien gave you the ability to morph into other things via a cube? (If no one gets this, I just showed my age)

    1. Cause he plays the falcon in those top 10 videos and such. Just uses a pitch adjustment to make his voice sound slightly deeper. Which would explain why “they” speak exactly the same.


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