10 HARDEST Skyrim Quests We All HATED

We STILL love taking part in Skyrim however there are some damaged, awkward, and difficult quests that we completely hate all through the journey.
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  1. It’s crazy how people keep making content and we keep watching content on this game after 10 years!! Such a timeless masterpiece!

  2. Of course the game’s going to be hard if you’re going around with a damn steel sword and a healing spell.

    1. @GozzerP this is why the Book of Love quests are so important, getting that magic resist takes a lot of fight from Brutal to merely savage.

    2. Plus if you don’t take the time to take out the drauger/skeletons in a big open space one by one, of course they’re gonna gang up on you. I prefer the stealthy approach most of the time.
      Now if you got a clear line of sight to the boss: take him/her out first with a good arrow, while you’re still undetected — and usually benefit from a decisive damage bonust that’ll make the rest of the fight so much easier.

  3. I actually really like Lost to the Ages, the ending is so rewarding by letting you go almost down to the core of Nirn and getting some cool dwemmer artifacts.

  4. “10 HArdEsT SkYRiM queSTS We ALl HATeD”!
    Hardest thing was facing the frost troll heading up High Hrothghar.

    1. @Great Cold Emptiness Well, then I was a beginner in game when I face it and my level was so low and didn’t good equipment or stats, so it was hard for the first time.

  5. Skyrim is seriously (in my opinion) in the top 10 games of all time. Such a beautiful masterpiece despite these annoying quests

    1. @Valrend never encountered game breaking bugs. I grew up on console so when most people say “the modding community had to fix it” doesn’t really apply to people like me.

    1. Skyrim
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  6. I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like people have been going back to the Elder Scrolls series more recently

    1. I never went away from it 😅
      I replayed oblivion the last half year (with 1 Billion mods) now im finally playing skyrim vr 😍(also modded, so it feels like a Real vr game)

    1. Also, “I work with my mother to sell fruits and vegetables, it’s fun most days, but it’s hard work”

  7. gameranx: “Yeah so this quest is the worst thing ever.”

    also gameranx: “moving on to number 9”

    1. I mean, we still talk about other things like the wars and plagues…. And how shitty they were…


    2. @Bryce Strife Oh of course. I do, too. I’ve dedicated hundreds of hours into Skyrim across multiple platforms. I’m not exactly sure how many hours, but I do know that
      I’ve logged over 800 hours on XBox 360. Over 400 hours on XBox One. Currently playing both PS4 and Switch versions simultaneously, and about 200 or so hours into them both.


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