10 Games to Play While You WAIT FOR GTA 6

Games like GTA have been all the trend for years now, however with the inevitable launch of GTA 6, you is perhaps clamoring (*6*) play one thing cool. Listed here are some suggestions for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X & Switch.
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  1. GTA 5 released while I was a sophomore in high school,now I’m a college graduate with my own job,car,and apartment.

    1. Yeah, I’m in my graduate degree now so… I feel that. I’m glad (very glad) that Rockstar worked on RDR2/RDO but I’m less glad with how they’ve handled RDO. I can forgive Rockstar for the fact that they, as a studio, worked on GTA5 and then RDR2, is fine/makes sense. I really can’t forgive them pulling a Bethesda and remastering GTA 5 *again* for the PS5 Gen.

    1. I’ll probably be 100 before GTA6 comes out if that’s the case. (I don’t play GTAO, and *do* play RDO but refuse to buy the micro transactions/gold.)

    1. @Platinum Heart I’m 18 too, the vanoss crew was my first exposure to the game. Finally got it in 2019 and beat the campaign and was tired of online by 2020.

    2. @warframe hunter yeah I take breaks from Online but keep coming back to it for short periods.

      For me I just like to hover in the Deluxo and do the mini games. For the Heists… Nobody will join. Or if they do they keep dying until they leave….

    3. Bro I was 13 in 8th grade when GTA5 came out … I’m 23 w my own apartment playing the same dumbass game I was playing under my moms roof😂

  2. I met my closest friend in a random Gta mission. I’ve met his family and everything. GTA truly brings us together.

    1. @Serp D. you have to understand that driving is not the main focus of game, but even with that it does get better, don’t forget you start with shitty cars at the start of the game, you do get better handling cars as the game goes on, but obviously it will never be need for speed par. However, the story, and visceral combat is the main focus of the game and it does that very well

    2. @Serp D. There is such a good game waiting for you if you can adjust to the handling. I cam completely relate to your experience with it, but personally within a few hours I started to get the hang of it and the game just got better and better

  3. It’s like falcon is drunker and drunker in every new video, slurring more sentences as he goes along. 🍻

    1. Legit. I got my degree and started my Graduate program and remember being in my undergrad in a different state when GTA5 came out and wasn’t super into the story/3 protag split I’ve been floored with how Rockstar has handled RDR2/RDO after making so much money on GTAO.

  4. It absolutely breaks my heart that sleeping dogs will never get the sequel it deserves. Such an underrated gem

    1. It really is man I loved running up to someone grabbing them punching them twice and fully snapping their leg

    2. yeah me that game was awesome and I think if the made a new sleeping dog game it would probably be a prequel


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