10 WEIRD Gaming Stories of April 2021

April 2021 noticed no scarcity of wild gaming information tales. Listed below are the weirdest ones.
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Comment (45)

    1. @Nousername The only gripe for me would be that they’re probably not wireless. I use an Oculus Quest with Virtual Desktop and it’s perfect for wireless Steam VR. I simply never want to be tethered in VR.

    2. @Cristian Cifuentes not saying that itโ€™s not a big deal, just saying that he didnโ€™t do the entire job of a corporation. (Still a pretty big accomplishment tho)

    3. โ€‹@Nousername And apparently for 22 bucks that’s amazing ! I’m really curious about his work and others too on the subject. Any suggestions ?

  1. “hello sir, here is your Nintendo Switch, we were lucky to find it in time but we hope you don’t lose it again… Also git gud….have a great day”

  2. It would be rad if the person in the Nintendo Switch story just cracked the cops high score and sent them the Switch with a message ” beat it” alongside the Switch.

    1. That’d be amazing!!! Like those birthday cards that some people just reuse between each other until its completely filled

  3. I think watching that man play guitar hero has made my head explode.

    Hold on.

    Yep. Definitely exploded, can feel bits of it all around me.

  4. If you think the paper on Mario is weird, in Mรฉxico Monterrey a guy did his Philosophy thesis on Saint Seiya and the dude is a fucking legend between the students in Monterrey’s University.

  5. “He has more money than any of you watching or I will ever see combined”

    Elon musk low key watching gameranx: *lol that’s like a days salary*

  6. I love these top ten weird gaming stories of the month. They’re my favorite out of any other videos on Gameranx.

  7. Let’s be honest, ” i’ve baked so many pies, I’m now max level” (wording needs work) is totally something you’d hear a light novel be called.

  8. People need to boycott the hell out of EA… Honestly… Untill they remove ALL loot box mechanics in all their titles… But i digress… Thanx for a good entertaining video, as always…

    1. but fifa 23 has some cool new Features, i need to buy it. I mean i now can get my shoes in any colour for jusz 99cnt for each pixel.

    1. Japan already had the tech to make you feel like you’re holding something …. just in a different location ๐Ÿ˜


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