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Large strikes from PlayStation and Microsoft, new Dying Mild 2 particulars, a hilarious new Resident Evil Village trailer, and extra in every week chuck filled with gaming information.

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Dying Mild 2’s large adjustments:

Rockstar is hiring for…one thing:
(Respawn too: )

Extra game delays incoming? :

Sony strikes:
Xbox PC strikes:
New Halo Infinite look:

Ratchet and Clank new gameplay:

Misplaced Soul Apart new gameplay:

Legacy of Kain cutscenes remastered (by way of SnazzyAI)

TRON in Desires (by way of OPYGAM3R)

Loopy Resident Evil Village factor:

New Pokemon Snap:


Toys for Bob layoffs:

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Comment (64)

  1. playing Returnal or new Pokemon Snap this weekend? something else? let us know! and thanks for stopping by – cheers to ya

  2. Petition to make Jake “When there is a low, there is often a boom” Baldino, the new Jake “Take it with a grain of salt” Baldino

    1. Petition to make Jake “I digress” Baldino the new Jake “Take it with a grain of salt” Baldino.

    1. @Chandrashekhar Jadhav nah. All my hype died when they are literally talking a decade to make another game just cause they are still earning from the previous one

  3. Jake always making the effort of changing his shirt for the sponsored sequence in every video is just.. You the MVP Jake!

    1. spend $400 on a shark card get 10million plus and added bonus of 1 million to use on your ps3 looking cars with no customizations, and a house you can stare at.

  4. Jake been saying pizza on me for 3 solid years yet where is my pizza , where is the pizza Jake did u eat it all

    1. @Clammiest That’s why I *HATED* Crash 4 and gave it a 0/10. (Even though I beat it on *retro mode WITHOUT a Game over* for the record).
      There is a fine line between a “challenging but fun experience” and “super hard and FRUSTRATING experience” and that’s how I felt about Crash 4. *Disappointed.*

  5. Hearing about Toys for Bob just hurts my heart. There was even some talk about another Skylanders game, which was just a huge part of my childhood, but this effectively curbstomps that dream

  6. game devs: makes an awesome crash game that lots of people love
    activision blizzard: so you are making COD now


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