New Pokemon Snap – Before You Buy

New Pokemon Snap (Nintendo Switch) is a Pokemon images journey 20 years within the making. Does it stay as much as the traditional? Let's discuss.
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    1. The blockbusters near my house there machine was always broken so I never could get my photos printed 😥😥😥

  1. Pokemon will forever be that one quote – “What matters is not the Destination but the Journey along the way!”

    1. If only the mainline games still delivered on that.. These days the “adventure” feels more like a guided tour where you just move through a linear region from point A to B..

  2. When I play Snap, I’m going to hear in my head ‘The voice you are hearing is Jake Baldino – spared no expense!’

  3. My favorite part is when you get your photos reviewed and it’s just “good job” “good job” “nice photo” “good job” over and over again brings back so many memories

  4. I have been saying they should make this for like 3-4 years now. “Remake Pokemon Snap and make it VR compatible” so excited.

    1. @Mello Rebel nah that game looks good, plus they have a year to get it right. Hopefully a new switch will come out in the meantime.

    2. @Thomas Fitzpatrick What about it? With how horrendously choppy the preview was, I seriously doubt it’s going to be a quality game if they’re releasing it a mere year after that preview. Hell, was the Rhyhorn in that preview even textured (was it even a Rhyhorn?)?

  5. A majority of us are Old Head Pokemon fans, we have are biases and nostalgic affection towards the first 3-4 Gens.. But to think that 25 years of Pokemon later and todays kids are going to be just as influenced and passionate about Their “Generation’ of Pokemon as we are about ours.

    1. I completely disagree.. Mainly because the games these days don’t really leave a lasting impression but rather they’re just another game to be played through and then discarded. Pokemon games used to be very special, at least to me they were when I was a kid. I’d have hundreds of hours in them and I’d take my time beating them. It really felt like an adventure and nothing was more exciting than getting to explore a brand new region with its own unique places and mysteries.

      Now? Ever since gen 7 the games have been nothing but guided tours through linear short regions.. The handholding is extreme and the games so easy that I can hardly imagine even kids getting an interesting and lasting experience from them. I can forever remember amazing moments like diving into the Distortion World to find Giratina.. Or even moments like getting lost in the Blizzards on Mt.Coronet and finding my way to Snowpoint city where it lightly snows while a calm piano theme plays. These are just a fraction of examples I could mention… I don’t think gen 7 and especially 8 has anything like this in them… There’s some cool moments but I can’t ever imagine kids remembering them after 20 years like I do now. And that’s a damn shame.

      At least New Pokemon Snap is a breeze of fresh air with genuine effort and passion behind it. Pokemon have never felt more living! I really hope the game does well.. It’s my one ray of hope for the future of better Pokemon games.

    2. My daughter growing up on gen 7 (cartoon) and 8 (game and cartoon) ts amazing! From gen one to now. Blessed

  6. i was never the biggest fan of pokemon but this looks like it would be fun and relaxing. also i feel like this would be even cooler in VR

  7. I hope they re-release and revamp the old version too, I’d buy that one in a snap too!
    I’ll see myself out 😅

    1. @joe yeah, I am 32 as well. I’m definitely don’t feel old but I definitely don’t think I’m young either lol

    2. @7531monkey He’s/She’s about 33, I’m 32. I know I’m not old, but it’s a weird age where you’re not old but you’re not young.

  8. When I first heard about this, I was really hoping for a Breath of the Wild style open-world game. That would have been absolutely amazing! Although, I have no doubt I’ll enjoy what we were given regardless.


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