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Returnal (PS5) is the newest Sony exclusive and it's a difficult third-particular person shooter with roguelite and metroidvania parts. Is that this distinctive game value it? Let's speak.
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    1. @Oahkery lol tell me more. In Canada, new gen games are 89,99$ before taxes. In some provinces, it’ll go up to 103$ with taxes.

    2. @Nick Hall I’m 6 hours in and I’ve died 7 times. Still stuck on the first biome. I really screwed myself and died three times in 30 minutes. Lol. Those were some tough rooms it threw me into. Gloves were off all the way! Haha.

    3. @Oahkery because people rather just spend their money on the hobby they enjoy instead of complain about prices on the internet ?

    4. @Nick Hall *Wrong.* I’ll have you know I made it to the second section and I only died 14 times so ha. Take that 😎

    1. @P-O I’m through the first 2 biomes. It’s hard but not that hard. It’s brutal at first but as you get into the flow it gets kinda easy. Like every bullet hell game.

  1. “Research before you buy” I always buy the games I’m interested in and watch the before you buy while it downloads lmao

    1. @ChowFun Foods Just saw a subreddit suggesting the problems lie with PS5 itself. The devs acknowledged it though and are working on patches and firmware updates with Sony already.

    2. @Muhammad-Amin Jacobs I’m at about 10 hours in and zero crashes. I even put my ps5 into rest mode multiple times cuz I can only do small runs at a time.

      So don’t know how those crashes are happening, but nothing so far

    3. @Muhammad-Amin Jacobs interesting, I’ve nor heard that and other than not connecting to the online service I’ve had no issues thus far. I suspect their server is overwhelmed by all the new connections and they’re patching it or something but as for the game it’s running great for me.

    4. @vulpinemachine Agreed, but I’m also saying some users reported multiple crashes in a row already. Some bugs causes negative effects to stack even After you die and revive. Until these are fixed I would rather not gamble it.

  2. 8 and a half hours in and I’ve still yet to beat the first stage… and that’s just the tutorial level! Lol 😆

    1. @Charles Cooper I don’t play rogue like games and in having a great time with it, I recommend it if you want a PS5 exclusive

    2. I thought it as cool that once I got to the 2nd biome and died, on a new cycle it only took me about 5 minutes to get back to 2nd biome, I’m sure that won’t be the case everytime as probably got lucky with the map

    3. @J watch a yt vid before you fight him on how to beat him. It helps a lot. Second biome is even crazier.

    4. When you complete the first biome, If you die in the second biome you can just run through the entire first biome until you get to the portal to get back. Some people thought you had to beat the first boss over again.

    1. Definitely thought the same. 3rd person bullet hell will always make me see Nier Automata now.

      Wonder how much they and the gaming industry as a whole have been influenced by it.

  3. i was sold the second she went through the door and the entire alien sci fi shooter walked into the creepy house went full p.t. ! ?

  4. Playing this game with the sound on the pulse headphones with the dual sense controller made me go “ok, this is actually next gen.” Truly wild experience.

    1. @shock jockey I would buy one but I don’t have the time to monitor the restock button. They are all sold out.

    2. @Dylan Bresciani I’ve had one since launch. What is it with you people thinking their special for owning a $500 product lol. I’m merely pointing out that it’s running a last-gen engine.

    3. @sebastianevans11 he cant voice his opinion? the game looks good but I have to agree that its not really SHOCKINGLY beautiful to me even comparing it to games that were absolutely amazing looking from 5+ years ago, the particle effects look like slightly improved physX from Nvidia which has been around for quite some time. it looks nice just not WOW to me.

  5. I like the online notifications, it’s like a 4th wall breaking lore friendly way to immerse me…and make me want to get on and play it more 😅

    1. @JHawk You the one that implied you are comparing the two when you brought rdr2 into the conversation mate by saying it’s boring so I am simply acknowledging the fact that rdr2 is a better game in terms of what it has to offer I mean 70 dollars for returnal cmon there are better games like even demon souls which was a ps5 exclusive and worth the money or God of war ragnorok which will be here soon

  6. Struggling to find a PS5 atm so I appreciate the shoutout in the beginning Jake 😁 can’t wait to play this game eventually!

    1. This is the first game that really makes me feel the Dualsense is really a special piece of equipment. It will be very much worth the wait.

  7. One of the few games where I actually need some opinions before I buy instead of just owning it already or just interested in hearing Gameranx’s insight

    1. @Daniel Booke I agree…. If they are selling at £70 it should be 100% flawless, don’t higher the price if there’s more problems then the old £50 games

    2. @the underground empire This. The game may be cool, but I have been on 2 different runs that were more than an hour each to crash. All that work lost. I get it’s a rogue-like, but I shouldn’t have to fight the actual software/hardware to complete runs. And at $70, the game should run flawlessly, especially after multiple delays needed.

    3. @Halston Connally £70 and it crashes…… Cmon if they are selling them at even higher prices, at least the make sure they work


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