BACK 4 BLOOD Card System Trailer (2021)

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BACK 4 BLOOD Card System Trailer (2021)
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Comment (22)

  1. i don’t want to be the one to say this, but these cards smell like a lot of in game purchases.. I’m really hyped for this game and i hope that they make it good

  2. Quando vão fazer um jogo de zumbi descente estilo The walking dead . Eu sei que já existe um mais , não ficou um jogo descente .

  3. This looks like it could be really great! I think the card system coupled with the random modifiers of the director system will make for a really awesome combo of on your toes gameplay, with some player involvement + a bit of progression that doesn’t seem game breaking.

    Don’t give it a bad wrap just because other games have butchered the same mechanic. I’m thinking more on the lines of the new tomb raider game adding replayability to campaign with quirky/fun and/or challenging card mechanics that added near endless replay potential! So much fun. Oh and did i mention its multiplayer PVE!! c’mon this looks great. I’m just hoping the player can influence the progression of the cards 🙂

  4. Thats well and good and I know LfD is legendary, but this ‘card’ system can be highly monetized. Just saying.

    1. Yep new games like this and resident evil just fucking fails ngl. Older games are much more scarier and if it’s scary it means its fun to play unlike this fortnite and microtransaction bullshit card system of a game


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