Biomutant: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW

Biomutant (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is a protracted awaited open world action journey RPG. After years of delays, it's lastly releasing quickly. Right here's what it’s worthwhile to know.
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Comment (55)

    1. It’s not even out yet. How about we stop hyping games that we haven’t even played. Wait calm down since this could be as bad as every other game that released I mean cyberpunk should have taught u that not to mention anthem.

    1. @Daniel Zertuche na I live in NJ. It’s been sunny here a lot lately. Some days I just feel like gaming even though it’s beautiful outside. 😊

  1. Has so much more to offer. I thought it was gunna be so much more bland. Hope it all works together and feels good.

  2. Honestly, this looks a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Not just in terms of visuals, but also in game mechanics.

    1. me watching this with a laptop that has 2 gb ram and 128 mb video card and u know this game style are one of my favourite things ;(

  3. Ever since the 1st time I saw this I thought this will be 1 to look out for and I think this will genuinely surprise people for the good. I hope it’s as good as i think it will be

  4. I love it when developers take chances with unique themes and styles. This game reminds me so much of an old paper and pen RPG I used to play, called After the Bomb. Which was about the world of TMNT after the apocalypse!

    1. Same here. Thought I’ll just check out the video out of general curiosity, but what I saw really made me think about getting it – especially if it turns out as good as the potential it shows. I’m more of FPS, horror or RTS oriented, but playing through games like Knack and Ratchet&Clank with my kids recently kinda changed my mind to a certain extent.
      So, let’s hope Biomutant’s dope.

  5. The character creator reminds me of Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen. I know the negative drawbacks could suck, but I wish more games had a customization that in-depth. It’s fun and imaginative.

  6. This looks like an actually GAME. As apposed to a PRODUCT, a product designed to keep you distracted and make you spend time in the game via various rewards. This looks like a GAME that is filled with FUN.

  7. I wanna make a Stitch and pretend he’s in the apocalypse battling the crazies and just surviving. Hell yea.


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