Biomutant – Before You Buy

Biomutant (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is an bold mutant animal open world action RPG. How is it? Let’s discuss.
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  1. we seemed to enjoy it more than other reviewers but it’s still rough. thanks for checking out this video – we really really appreciate it. 🍕

    1. In all honesty, most of the new AAA games are a mess at first. Here’s hoping (it looks like something up my alley)

  2. This is a great B side game kind of like Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning, you just turn your mind off and enjoy it for what it is

    1. “Just turn your mind off and enjoy it for what it is”That sounds like every fast and furious fanboys excused just enjoy it for what it is even tho they changing you full price for it.If people have a low standards when it comes to this game then wait it for a price drop or wait for gamepass

    2. @Editor RBR true but im hopeful that it hits better for me then others as most reviews have stated its a mixed bag

    3. @BeHeaven616 exactly, I mean if you have the money sure I guess why not. The dullness is a word Im seeing a lot from this game 🙁

    4. KoA has outstanding lore; a responsive, fun, and varied combat system; meaningful interactions and factions; awesome NPCs; great VA; and like Dragon’s Dogma, it’s a hidden gem — nothing about Biomutant sounds like Amalur

  3. Based on what I’m hearing, I’m still getting almost exactly what I envisioned and wanted from this game. I’m not a hard sell

    1. Happy to see like minded people who saw a interesting game and didn’t get overhyped and kept realistic expectations from a game like this I didn’t watch too many break down guides for the game and found out about the game a little over a year ago then forgot about then saw I could pre order on the PlayStation store I was like cool can’t wait

    2. Yeah, I think there’s just an issue these past few years where people just overhype and expect more than they should be, leading to disappointment on everything.

      This game honestly kinda seems like more than I expected out of it, but idk, I’ll be playing it soon so I won’t change my expectations

    3. When this game was first announced I had hype. That died down and I was adamant I would not enjoy this game. But after seeing a bunch of reviews and gameplay I have decided to get the game.
      Still no hype, going into it with a open mind.
      This was made by a small studio of 20 and from what I see they have made a great game for the size of the team. Is the price high? Yes – but I see the potential of a sequel becoming one of my favourite RPGs if done right. That’s why I’m supporting this game. And even if I dont like it my child in a year or so might

    1. The developers compared this game to Breath of The Wild, DMC, Ratchet & Clank and the Arkham games—I think people are justified in comparing it to bigger titles.

    2. @Chronocrits But they were both released as triple a games right? They promised a certain quality, regardless of meeting it or not, and we have justified expectations of the quality/enjoyment of the game befitting the price.

    3. @SeaOfMany this is probably the most different game I’ve seen in years and from what I’ve heard this game is comparable to a lot of games, this makes the game one of the more unique rpg games to come up in a while. It makes this game hard to compare to one experience because there is nothing like

  4. The game might be not fun for everyone but I still can’t believe how a small indie team made a big open world game.

  5. despite all of the criticism this game still looks like a lot of fun, and I’m still really excited to experience the world!

    1. @Preston Ak thats because they don’t know the genres. Like most MMO’s their combat system are hack and slash and rpg system. But that doesn’t make this game a MMO. But more like rpg, hack and slash, …

    2. @Preston Ak bro I was just about to be all stupid and say “nah he means a single player MMO” but then I kinda realized single player MMO = RPG…

    1. @StinkyDew outriders had so much potential but they realesed a broken game, I put 60 hours into before I just couldn’t play it anymore. I had so much hype after the demo and it was just a huge let down

    2. @Tommy SuhLami God damn outsiders was that bad that you almost straight quit gaming? Glad I gave up on the game in the middle of the demo (didn’t even finish the demo and figured I’d give it time see how it goes.)

    3. @ραρεrs101 thq nordic has 30 teams. They rotate projects if needed to other teams. The biggest problem ive heard for biomutant is lack of wandering enemies. If that is the worst of the game cough cough OUTRIDERS cough, il definitely enjoy biomutant. Sooo many games a re ‘GREAT NOW’ after an update or two. I have hope for biomutant, after i bought into the hype of outriders (worst game ive ever played by far) and almost gave up on gaming totally, like for good. Which is probably a good idea tbf.

    4. @Bruh THQ open world game. Plus I think this is their first open world game? Correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve only played destroy all humans man-eater and Darksiders

    5. @Bruh I’m not talking about the gameplay loop. There’s way more to a game then how the questing works. The combat is different, it’s goofy, it’s bright, and the world looks and sounds fun to explore. There’s been a critical lack of stylized games outside of the indie scene and this game has style, even if it doesn’t hit home for every player


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