Far Cry 6: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW

Far Cry 6 (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One) is releasing this fall. Right here's all the things we all know concerning the game thus far.
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  1. It’s sad how “RPG” has become almost a negative descriptor for a game. I remember when I was growing up, those three letters would make me excited to play a game. Because RPGs would actually be made with those mechanics as the foundation instead of just being slapped on. Now it’s just an easily way to spot if a game is being stretched with filler/to get players to spend more money on a game due to intentional grindy design.

    1. @THE DOM they did the same thing to ghost recon and assassins creed , Ubisoft wants to become THE monopoly for RPG shooter games, and not many games are messing with the assassins creed franchise

    1. Chorizo is the ULTIMATE wingman, the ladies wouldn’t stand a chance with him by your side. The sooner they breed dogs without hind legs so we can put wheels on them, the better!

  2. thank god the story is told through cutscenes with a protagonist who talks. I hate the first person perspective with a mute protagonist who doesn’t even react to literal murder in front of them.

    1. @D1v94 yeah its just at the start though like he is a rookie and has probably never seen murder and has zero reaction to a dude jumping into helicopter blades but i get what you mean

    1. i think it right though the arcade mode was barley populated and although shovel fights where fun it was s bit pointless

    2. I never used it so Im glad they are gonna focus on the story. New Dawn was pretty lazy and only enjoyable to me for a bit I hope this is more like 3/4

    3. i’m super bummed out about this news. I have alot of the top rated maps on far cry 5 for xbox one and i was looking forward to making new stuff. oh well..

  3. The larger the map, the more bloated the game gets. I just hope that the quest design gets more creative and the AI gets better.

    1. I still think the AI in FarCry 2 was the best out of all of them. The way they reacted to the propagating fire or trying to help wounded comrades was great.

    2. Agreed. I think that by doing away with arcade mode they probably have extra resources to work on those areas.

    3. From Ubisoft? pssshhhh we’ll probably die of old age and they still won’t change their formula

  4. Almost every other Far Cry game has had some kind of drugs/narcotics/getting stoned spin to it. I wonder what/if it will be this time?

  5. They’re gonna put 80% of the guns behind a paywall. Just like they did with new dawn. Gotta keep the mtx store going…

    1. Idk what you’re talking about with new dawn. You could unlock all the weapons within a week of spamming that ship mission, that’s if you wanted every single gun, but why would you want that?

    2. @Guilherme Spozati you could buy them but I was able to unlock most of the high level guns in my normal playthrough.

    3. I don’t recall any gun that was behind a paywall. You could ‘cheat’ and unlock a gun early by paying for it, but why ruin your own playthrough?

    1. @LightBluly I have yet to buy Cyberpunk, I’ve seen how bad it is on XBONE5PS4 Pro.
      in all honesty, Cyberpunk fell to hype train that had it hyped up similarly to how No Man’s Sky was hyped. I also read that CPR didn’t tune the game to work with XBONE X/PS4 Pro. I’m guessing it was part rush, part QA, & part Shareholders wanted the game out asap.
      I now live by the rule: if a game I want to get is releasing in July, I wait until late August, early October to buy it to see if it was over hyped. Last mistake I did was with Pokemon Sword/Sheild.

    2. @WastedZymbol hmmmm im pretty sure the people shitting on cyberpunk were the people who were bitching about it not being released sooner

    3. @OVAN91 my thoughts exactly. Considering Far Cry has had a solid track record of putting out good, finished games, there’s no reason to think this one will be broken just because recent releases from different developers fucked up.

    1. @Arthur Morgan As long as enemies aren’t bullet sponges with health bars and numbers above their head we’re golden

    2. They said in a reddit AMA they wouldn’t be making a return. Don’t turn it down just yet, I think the fact they can’t give a solid answer without going into details probably points to some elements being similar or improved upon and others being scrapped completely. Let’s wait and see what the reviews say.

    3. @Vern Gris Thanks boah.
      And if u want to confirm it watch Jorraptor videos. He said that their will RPG elements but its only for some gear system 90% gameplay will focus on og FC style.

  6. Wasn’t a fan of the rpg in new dawn hope they really improve on it. If not then just go back to original format

    1. @Arthur Morgan true i mean ever since the Far Cry 6 gameplay trailer Gameranx must have had its eye on it but didn’t dive deep enough into the details to tell us what the actually style of the game will be so their assumption was they are following off of the FCND formula and not changing it which is not the case at all and included their assumption into the video just so they can get their vid out faster

    2. @Sebastian Valentin Yeah bro they are leaning to old style FC with some changes.
      And most of the dumb peoples in this comment section just hating without knowing what the reality is.

    3. @Gabriel Davis they aren’t and that is what im trying to tell everyone who has been given the information that FC6 will be an RPG to reasure them its probably the same formula they had with all the previous entries before FCND I swear you all gotta listen to Jake Baldino and take everything everyone says with a grain of salt. That includes Gameranx tellung everyone its going to be an RPG

    4. @Arthur Morgan i thought so too i read some where they are removing at least most of it and taking a more rational approach with realism to replace it like it usually did

    1. @daniel ghorayeb Far Cry 5 isn’t and can not be the same as New Dawn (since 5 came out first) the loot and health system are nowhere near similar as New Dawn actually have “loot” and has bulletsponge enemies with visible health bars. No one “whines” about health bars, people voice their annoyance that humans can take multiple shots to the head.

    2. @Sebastian Valentin Seems like we’re on the same page about most of the things and i agree, i also hope Far Cry 6 will change.

    3. @Spartan 8676 it is the case in new dawn, if you have the right sniper. Far cry 5 was the same as new dawn, the loot and health system was there, it was just different. People whine about health bars, but every game has health bars that they hide


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