Dying Light 2 – 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW

(*2*) Light 2 (PC , PS5, Xbox Series X/S/ One, PS4) lastly lastly gave us tons of recent data, together with a launch date. Right here's all the pieces it is advisable know.
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    1. it’s actually quite realistic. i saw an attempted suicide video where this chinese guy jumps of a tall building and lands on a woman down below. the woman he landed on died but he somehow survived

    2. @kendall cochran you automatically do it when landing on one in the first one, it will always break your fall when you land on them. This just looks way more smooth

  1. I know I’m gonna buy it day one, but don’t worry Jake that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna watch your Before you buy. lol

    1. @James Reimer well that’s so you can look around while jumping to make quick decisions, you can’t look around with the joystick when your jump button is X or A, and it’s easy to get used to after 30 minutes of playing.

    2. @James Reimer I think he’s calling you bad at video games, probably because your one brain cell isn’t enough to adapt to a new control scheme but idk.

    1. @Warp Drive There was an airgun in the first gameplay demo. Its the modern dark ages. I think by no guns, the devs mean ak and traditional firearms

    2. @Rajarshi Mandal IX D 21 Hai, but ager gamer er moto kichu guns to hote hoto. Kenoki melee weapons breadown hoye jaaye, thokon emergency the guns hi bachaye. Ami guns hole better kheli. But eita o ekta new experience hobe.

    3. @Jordo the gamer it is stupid, I get the idea but having ultra rare guns encounters would’ve been better then zero guns.

  2. Listening to gameranx videos is the only thing that keeps my depression at bay. Thank you and your subtle voice 🙂

  3. “20 years after the events of Dying Light 1
    But 15 years after the apocalypse”
    *confused Heartless noises*

    1. @TheUltrasora It’s heavily implied that the canon ending is the one which Kyle Crane turned into a volatile and escape the quarantine zone. Whereas the nuclear ending would’ve mean that all the zombies and virus are wiped off in its deadly explosion + lethal radiation.

    2. @TheUltrasora or it took 5 years for the infection to spread and then world started to call it an apocalypse

    3. @Livid I thought there was going to be someone or something connected to Aiden that was the reason why the world in the way it is.

    4. @Jay Wu both endings dont really explain much. the one where crane turns Into a volatile and where he ends up and the explosion doesn’t clear anything up either.

  4. I loved the first game, it has so much replay value and I keep going back to it occasionally. Literaly the best zombie game there is imo.
    And Dying Light 2 looks goddamn amazing!

    1. @Darkening Demise I searched the whole comment section for an idiot. Believe me when I tell you that it took a long time to find you

    2. @Darkening Demise mediocre? Nah Lol you just high on jellyboism. It was a fluid and fun game. Imo I’d wonder what games you do like.

    3. @Darkening Demise what are you talking about??? you are hating on it for no reason it was a highly rated game all around you just hating for no reason

  5. Bro.. im in a small discord group with a a few online friends i havent talked to in years. we all just moved on because we couldn’t find any good games to play and wanted to focus more on our lives with school/sports/jobs. i hope this game can reunite us back together

  6. My problem with the grappling hook in the first game was that it made the game way less tense since I always had something to pull me off the ground. I don’t know just a thought.

    1. The grappling hook was an optional attachment… don’t use it and it would bring the tenseness right back into the game.😁

    2. They say it’s gonna be more swinging now so it might not cause that. You’d have to already be high up to use it for immediate escape

    1. yes but they already had a 1st game to work off of so they know what they are doing so we already somewhat know what to expect which is what we didn’t with cyber punk

    2. @Scream Works why do u think some kids and neckbeards on twitter would affect a company making a AAA game with multiple shareholders worth millions? THINK SCREAM WORKS THINK

  7. It’s smart also that like 15 years after the apocalypse ammo would be scarce after being used and not produced for so long

    1. Dying Light 2 is going to deliver and will be the best this year and next year…. I’m saying the truth

    2. @Matty Howse you will probably get bored of it in a few days. also just don’t preorder games it is never a good idea

    3. @hallal23 na mate it’s amazing I preordered it and I haven’t had one regret!!!😁😁😁

  8. When Jake showed a clip of dying light and then back to dying light 2 and BOY CAN YOU SEE THE MASSIVE GRAPHICAL DIFFERENCE. 😁😁😁

    1. @Darkauscus na mate what I saw looked better. The colours the animations all look sharper and smoother. Just my opinion though.

    2. @Seer-of-things end Same. I hope my PC can run the sequel okay. The first game already looks really good and runs exceptionally well for how good it looks. I hope their optimization is just as good for DL2.

    1. @Jordo the gamer omg I was just playing the game with my friend for the first time and we were dying laughing when we heard that lol

  9. my friends and i are planning a coop only playthrough where we all gotta be online. if 1 of us offline we gotta wait and cant play lol. all choices in the game voted by us


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