The E3 2021 rumors preserve rolling in, AMD is lastly releasing their open upscaling graphics tech to compete with Nvidia, Switch Professional is occurring, and extra in every week stuffed with gaming information.
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AMD rolling out Constancy FX

3080 TI

CD Projekt Purple

God of Struggle 2022 (additionally might be on PS4)

Extra Switch Professional rumors

2k leaks

Extra No Man’s Sky (Prisms)

Crysis Remastered trilogy

Chivalry 2 launch trailer

Psychonauts 2 gameplay

Cool Ghosts trick

New Warhammer 40k game

Humorous Tesla factor

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Comment (73)

  1. E3 leaks are upon us. Let us know what you want to see throughout the June gaming news dump.
    (and as always thanks for stopping by here. much love)

    1. Wtf Marvel instead of XCOM… Its going to be a bad year for games. We are only six months in and already been a years worth of remasters with more to come. Also, Sony needs to replace the new guy ASAP.

    2. I am so glad I didn’t buy Cyberpunk 2077. The game is trash and now it seems it will always be trash. If they are already working on something else after completely dropping the ball, they dont intend to finish Cyberpunk 2077.

    3. @Machine Mechine Despite all the bugs and the fact we didn’t got the same game we saw in the 48 minutes demo still is a decent game.

    1. @Akil Reid Exactly. CDPR is still one of tge few legitimate developers out there. Most of the companies that make games now are ran by pricks.

    1. Ok some people are mad that we’re hating on CDP but honestly how can you not, there is no excuse for selling us a incomplete game/product at full price, I don’t care if they’re “fixing it” it doesn’t matter but here the thing WE are the problem for buying incompleted garbage they will keep doing this as long as we buy

  2. CDPR really hasn’t learned. Stop splitting up your small developer team. It’s not even that big

  3. They can’t even fix Cyberpunk without delaying patches or getting hacked… how tf are they going to start developing a new game???

  4. I still remember when they said they’d release Cyberpunk when it was ready… I guess they meant when they were ready to tank their reputation and good will.

    1. Don’t worry for CDPR. Fanboys will make excuses and keep their pockets full… You don’t need a reputation when you have an army of standarless shills behind you.

    2. They got pushed by dates and the people bitching about it being pushed multiple times didn’t help them. Plus covid made things harder, so I don’t fully blame them for the mess they made. Still lost a lot of trust I had with them

    1. @tangent123456 sadly i dont think the game after all these patches will be as cool as it was suppose to be. At least i hope for the great story dlcs like witcher 3 had.

  5. I remember being so excited for E3 each year over the past couple of decades up until a few years ago. E3 is just a shadow of its former self now and not nearly as interesting as it used to be, sadly. It also keeps getting worse. Now, I get that old E3 excitement for the Video Game Awards.

    1. Remember watching g4 tv and attack of the show and xplay and getting hype with those games and all games came out complete.
      pepridge farms remembers

    2. @Joseph Rabb facts I personally need help with this if we all admit we have a problem soon we can stop the cgi pc trailers, fomo, pre orders etc

    3. Remember in the past when best character nominee getting their own winning speech like Ezio and Joker had?

      When they stopped doing that I know the passion for games behind that award starts fading away, and I lost interest in every year award after (admittedly 2018 is really a great one, especially that GOTY nominee orchestra medly)

  6. They’re really gonna leave this half assed game and pretend it never happened after their Witcher fanboys protected them for all these years? Wow.

    1. @Hecking Bamboozled There are no proofs either way so dont get too excited. Only thing we have are the speculations. Its a pretty safe speculation, that cdpr works like most other studios, they have a lot of people working on different thing and it makes sense if you even start thinking about it. Would you put graphic designers ect. to work on fixing cyberpunk code instead of doing some new project? Cuz this is what were talking about here, and thats what Jake meant in the vid. Its been also mentioned in many interviews from other devs, how the “skeleton crew” is left to fix and polish existing game while others move on. What else could they do, fire most of employees cuz people gonna get angry if they work on something else? Its literally impossible for everyone to works on fixing bugs, something that obvious doesnt need proof.

    2. @Chris P Considering there’s just as many of you morons responding in this same way as there are comments you’re complaining about, it’s hilariously ironic how smug you are. Out of curiosity, what proof do you have that they’re planning on maintaining a Cyberpunk branch solid enough to actually fix many of the fundamental issues the CP2077 has? If you don’t have any, then you’re just as bad as these comments – making unfounded claims without evidence. Damn hypocrite.

    3. @kevek Have you played 76 recently? It’s not perfect, but it’s still pretty fun. It came out in a bad state but was mostly fixed within 4-6 months. CDPR has barely scratched the surface with the issues Cyberpunk has.

    4. Congrats on posting exactly the same comment as hundreds of other morons, who don’t understand simple words they listned to in the video 😉

    1. @P.D. Ace it wasn’t the best game ever as it was hyped up to be, but it was solid. I played thru it and had maybe one crash and a few other minor bugs. Good story, shooting was pretty fun, I liked the ability tree. I definitely feel like I got my 60 bucks worth. I understand that not everyone had that experience coz of technical issues and that sucks, but I can only speak for myself.

    2. @Neo’s danger we let other companies do it so why stop now. All of a sudden because the game didn’t meet your expectations you care about employees getting stepped on.

      What type of sick person is feeding on employees suffering to justify the means of hating a company because product wasn’t good. You no different (if worse) than those who crunch their employees lol.

      If the game was good you wouldn’t care the slightest. Go back to the bible if you want to play a saint.

  7. Looking forward to the next CD Projekt Red game to be incomplete 8 years from now and totally not buying it just like Cyberpunk

  8. There’s been so many leaks coming out of NetherRealm studios I’m surprised you didn’t talk about it

    1. @Yee Yw I mean visually, it kind of induces headache & giddyness to me. I know it may sound exaggeration. But its not good for me . I tried to tell them in so many ways but these guys don’t care

    2. ​@Sad Suckle I mean visually, it kind of induces headache & giddyness to me. I know it may sound exaggeration. But its not good for me

    3. @gameranx can you guys please Stop using vibrating memes and gifs. Its just highly disturbing and epilepsy inducing. U may have good content but the Vibrating memes and gifs are making videos unwatchable on your channel


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