Some video game weapons make an unbelievable first impression….till you get it in your arms. Listed here are some superior weapons that get nerfed upon use.
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  1. I like that falcon says he won’t pronounce the name of Hermes’ staff because we’ll get mad, but then proceeds to pronounce Isu incorrectly 😂

  2. I think its harder honestly for me to think of 10 weapons from bosses that didn’t end up a major let down…

  3. to me the most disappointing dark souls boss weapon is the dancer’s sword. very very bad scaling on those beasts

    1. The painful thing is the basic weapon is actually one of the the best weaponout there , like broadsword , bandit knife etc

  4. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Actually you don’t have to have the Atlantis dlc to unlock the staff of Hermes T. You unlock after the mission when you get it from him.

    1. In 2 you can hold it in the left hand and also if you held a second gs in your right hand you even unlock a crazy kick flip that does insane damage. Get the ring for beating the game without using bonfires/the one from not dying and you’ll also be able to make one of the weapons invisible so you can do a pretty close build of him

    2. Also he is a gient compared to the player and in DS at least you can see how heavy and hard some of the weapons are.

  5. Kinda feels like when you finally find your moms magic wand in the bottom shelf of her dresser and there’s no batteries in it :/

    1. @Victor Emmanuel not exactly. A gunman could shoot a swordsman and take his weapon. That doesn’t make the gunman suddenly a samurai.

    1. @Halfbeard Jones
      Can’t speak for the story or the gameplay of Unity but I did play Syndicate and it looked and felt like a less ambitious version of its predecessor. Unity had some really clean looking climbing, fighting, and assassination animations.

    2. For real! I’m thinking it would shoot lighting and mow down people like Sauron in lord of the rings. Nope…it sucks.

  6. Falcon, your mispronounced words are some of the most endearing things about your videos. It is not anger; it is the hazing of a beloved content creator. Carry on, be brave, speak chaos.

  7. Falcon: I won’t try to read the name of this weapon cause I don’t wanna offend anybody.

    Also Falcon : Aiisu (ISU)

    1. santier’s spear would fit that list perfectly.except you dont need to upgrade it just break it(believe it or not its harder and time consuming without a coop friend or nest trick)


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