10 MISTAKES Every RPG Gamer Makes

Everybody loves a great RPG, however no player is ideal. Listed below are a few of the largest silly errors you may make in RPGs.
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  1. That thumbnail is calling me out.

    I literally just did this last night with a cut scene in Days Gone then had to reload the game so I could hear the context.

  2. Ahhh yes, almost every variety streamer in a nutshell lol. Skips the dialogue or forgets important info and then is like “wtf is going on” or “this makes no sense” or “what am I even doing”

    1. @Victor_99 sigh so you think From makes perfect stories no flaws? I tried to follow the story in Bloodborne and it made no sense. It was garbage and wasted potential.

    2. @Poky Boss tbh ive played 4 From Soft games now, absolutely loved them, and I also never read item descriptions

    1. Why can’t all games separate saves by campaigns like Mass Effect?
      Even better, double filter them by saying whether you’re at the start, middle or end of the game.

  3. I have no sympathy for people who skip dialogue and then have no idea where to go. I mean, you’re playing an RPG – it’s a story-centric game, are you here for the story the game is telling or not?

    1. I never skip scenes 1st play through

      Though I once let a friend play my assassins creed 1 game a bit, and he immediately skipped a scene then asked me what he was supposed to do, ruined the series for me for years

  4. Constantly checking online every time there’s different options in the dialogue or you have to make a choice of some sort. Don’t wanna make a “mistake” and miss the best ending possible.

    1. @Necromanta yeah I originally let them live because I just assumed it was the “right” thing to do. Regretted that later in the game didn’t I.

    2. @Andrew Darrington oh yeah about killing the plague infested civilians.
      I was like “if they’re plague infested if I let them live them might infect the rest of the people” and googled it turned out I was right so I let them die

    3. @COOKIE-NZL oof I could never do that, I sold my PS3 when I got my PS4 and really regretted it. Had to buy another PS3

  5. *low health*
    me: I should heal, but what if an emergency occurs?
    *emergency occurs*
    me: but what if a BIGGER emergency occurs?

    1. “I can handle this, I don’t need healing”
      _5 seconds later_

  6. The no1 mistake i do in EVERY single game is ,saving all the best items for “later” saving all the magnum ammo,Elixirs,etc and never use any.
    Even on highest dificulty.

    1. Dunno, how about thinking you’re being clever by not buying stuff or buying smart, only to find out you’ve wasted loads of money. Or by not buying anything ever and missing out on stuff.

    2. I either save it the whole game or use it all and run out of it.

      Like when you’re supposed to drink a glass and end up drinking the whole bottle.

    3. The Magnum is for bosses, the final boss specifically. Unkess the game lets you unlock infinite ammo for it, in which case, it’s for whatever enemy annoys me.

  7. In Cyberpunk I skipped some dialogues on accident because my V was crouched and I wanted to stand up, but stand up and skip dialogue have the same buttons 🙁

    1. @Totally Not A Human I’ve played several hours on a PS4 slim(physical copy), no problems at all, casual bug but nothing game breaking

    2. @Billyv Brown did they fix the game soft-locking when youd open the settings? Then again it was mainly a console issue

  8. I accidentally sold hepzefa flaming sword in AC origins, the onli flaming sword in the game, only unlockable almost at the end of the game, you can buy it back in the assassin’s bureau, but it wont always spawn, I accidentally sold it a few hours into Ng+ and man was I sad

    1. Same. I even sometimes had to reload a save file because I accidentally skipped or didn’t pay attention to a cutscene or important dialogue l.

  9. Today I quicksaved in skyrim right before dying to a dragon, what a nightmare, had to do the entire fight again.

  10. Man I can’t remember which game I was playing but I was distracted during the quest granting dialogue and when I could focus again I wasn’t sure what I needed to do. The objective list was super vague like ‘help the magistrate to get past the gate.’ And each time I tried talking with the NPC it was “do you have X? No? Then why are you wasting my time I’m a busy man!” Goes back to standing around doing nothing.
    Game devs who realized sometimes we skip without meaning to and have the NPC repeat the request or a more comprehensive objective list thank you with all of my heart.


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