10 In-Game Items That Took TOO Long To Unlock Without Money

Some video games have a large grind. Typically it's price it, generally it isn't. When real-world {dollars} are concerned, it will get much more sophisticated.
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  1. Thanks for talking about the Shadow Wars. After deciding not to use even the currency that came with the game, that ending grind was a chore and kind of ruined the experience. I was relieved to hear it was patched, but the damage was already done.

    1. I did it back when it released. It wasn’t hard. Maybe a little a long, but it didn’t bother me. Just thought it was part of the game like most grinds. Didn’t need a loot box or anything. I don’t see why people whine so much

    2. I deleted the game because of that last section. It was a great experience up until those last moments. didn’t even get to see the end

    3. And their pockets were already filled. Same with Battle Front 2. They got the money from the launch hypers doing the microtransactions, so then they patch it and pretend it was all a mistake.

  2. Actually admitting that a company was too greedy and apologizing for it would generate a lot more respect from players than lying to our faces… pretending as if we won’t see through their BS reasons that it was “for us”.

    1. @William Swedin If they want to run their own business into the ground, thats their problem and not mine. I know they have enough money in the world to shut down a Studio and keep the IP. Even worse, they could just us existing IPs to make fucking mobile games. That’s EA, only way to stop them is to either:
      a) Put someone who isn’t cartoonishly greedy in charge
      b) Stop giving them money

      Considering how much they own, the last one is going to be next to impossible. The first one is at least reasonable because EA is a publicly trade company; their investors keep the lights on at the end of the day.

  3. Regarding the Pink Ethereal Flames Enduring Wardog Courier (yes that’s the full name), you guys left out the part where they got completely screwed over by the devs when a few weeks later they released a patch where you can craft one of those for cheap (cheaper than the crazy price it was bought for) drastically reducing its market value. Yowch

  4. I spent a lot of grind time getting the Celestial Weapons and activating them in FFX. Also leveling up my pokemon to take on the Elite 4 (RedBlue) and then Red in the 2nd Gen (GoldSilver).

    1. @Halfbeard Jones I guess you cant please everyone. I think even the best of games will always disappoint some people.

    2. @Wol Reb I think a lot of people just didn’t like the grind. There’s probably more to it than that. Having played thousands of combined hours runescape and warframe, I don’t think the grind would have bothered me that much.

    3. @Manuel Luis Ubaldo I got Shadow of War when it first came out. Yes it had loot boxes and micro transactions, but what game doesnt these days? No one forces people to buy them. I got the true ending by doing the grind without spending a penny on their dlc orca. Yeah it took a little while but it wasn’t that bad. If you upgrade your fortresses as you play the main game, you can finish it in like a few hours post game.

      People just like to whine about everything. They’ll sit there and complain if a game is too short or doesnt offer side content then turn right around and complain if a game is too long or the side content feels like a grind. They are never happy.

    1. Honestly, I don’t quite mind paid cosmetics if it keeps development going – but there certainly is a trend in some games that pretty much anything cosmetic has a real life price, and the base game is woefully limited in cosmetic choices. Hell, in most season pass or whatever, in addition to paying, you *still* have to grind on it, which is quite an insult.

    2. @Memale why not just make the cosmetics unlockable by doing challenged with that character instead of having to buy loot boxes and pray to RNJesus…

    3. I don’t think adding cosmetics is that bad depending on the price and how many cosmetics are already available in the main game. My thought varies depending on the type of game and the content already within the base game.

    4. @YOUTUBE USER And expansion were actually legitimate expansions. I hate how predatory gaming has come. I remember where you played the game and it was at least a finished product

  5. This isn’t so much “in-game items that take [forever] to unlock without money” and more “rare items that managed to sell for a lot of real world money.” You could just make the entire list about Entropia Universe in that case. A night club on there sold for $635,000, or a space station for $330,000, and a moon for $150,000 and so on. Top 20 most expensive items all sold for more than $10k, top 10 were $69,696 or more, with the top 5 being $95k, $99,900 plus the other 3 mentioned.

  6. I’ve never purchased anything from the games with real money if the game didn’t allow me to earn that money by just playing I didn’t get it if I didn’t watch videos like this I honestly would even know what it is but as soon as a video game I paid money for asks me for more money outside of a DLC I don’t pay.

    1. @TroJan also lootbox or in EA’s words “surprise mechanics” is like the most predatory thing. Gambling in game should never be a thing. If you think about the fundamental of it you don’t need be a genius to know how it can get addicting and exploit people especially kids who will ruin Thier parents money for it. That’s why EA was eager to implement it in a premium game(battle front 2)
      and got backlashed so hard. But hey it’s your money right?

    2. @TroJan you are very damn naive, only if you knew the reality of it. “Devs worked hard on it” sure they are probably laughing hearing you say that (even a modder can make a skin or a 3D mode, how hard is it to make a image texture unwrap it on 3D asset lol?) Game publishers are so busy monetizing a game rather than making it enjoyable and memorable. You are probably enjoying it because you get that reward of spending your money and will keep spending. But hey to each thier own.

    3. @Md Jishan yeah bullshit. its my money and im glad i bought 7 heirlooms and the season battlepasses in apex, i didnt do the same for cod because i didnt want to but i am very happy with that decision and i make enough for it. talk in your own shoes not in others, you have no idea how other people spend their money or make it. assumptions are just rude endeavors to pry at others and thats all youre doing.

      gone are the days of people paying for things others worked for, you two are living proof of it. it takes teams to make and add content to a game. if its sick and i want it ill buy it and i appreciate the devs for making the item for us, the players, to consume. and guess what, if i can just grind it out i do that instead. but if they decided “you know what lets make this skin or DLC that we spent hundreds of hours on $20 instead of free so that we can eat” ill buy it.

    4. @Charles Hamilton not broke but someone who knows how to spend thier money wisely. Impulse buying season pass and in-game “currency” will be the reason you will go broke. But that’s the thing these gaming companies want to exploit that weak side of human beings.

  7. I always thought paying to skip the grind for items was crazy. You got the player paying money to not play the game they bought, and the company admitting that their game is so bad people would pay money not to play it. I get sometimes the grind can be insane, but when its not that bad and people still buy their way through and have the ability to do so is weird to me.

    1. @ChairMan _6582 If the base price is free and you have pay 1 cent to get what you want… you see where Im going with this? Somehow the publisher is making money especially if its EA.

    2. @Sana Kira Yes, I Actually Bought The Bought The BP Of Season 6 (Although That I Started Actually Playing Since The Game Was Released), Anyway, But Since Season 6 And I Always Had All Of The Other Battle Passes Without Even Paying Anything At All Since That Time

    3. @Resistant Jeans I Just Always Used To Write This Way, And Also With The Autocorrect, So, Here We Are, 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  8. As a warframe player you can get khora grinding, but it isn’t that big of a deal, because you are farming other stuff that you need while doing that. And also you can use the market to sell stuff that you gather and buy with platinum if you don’t want to grind the usual way.
    The frame is good so is worth it.

    1. @Slendykid slenderkid Well, imagine that I got perma ban for apparently being extremely toxic ;] I politely made a case for myself, offered to send them vids of my interactions with players etc. The response was passive agressive and insulting, additionally they threaten to sue me if I show that conversation on forums or anywhere else. After 2 messages they also blocked me like some toxic kid on chat, so yeah… that sucked ;P I could open another case to re-evaluate the previous one but I realised I wouldn’t want to play anyway.

    2. Eh , shes not even the worst grind . Harrow farm anyone ? One of the part locked behind literal DAYS of doing escort missions. Then there is Ivara , Trinity , Grendel . Warframe is a huge grind in general.Lets not mention any of the open world frames.Leveling a new sindicate for a month just to get that one Item(or 3) you will actually use in other locations

    3. Yeah they could have mentioned, that in Warframe it’s actually super easy to get thousands of premium currency without paying a dime, kinda important to this vid ;P I kinda hate this game rn, but you gotta give credits where credits are due.

    1. Except for years ago CSGO skins have been going for hundreds of thousands of dollars.. the dragon lore is just the first one to ever be so famous, then cloned so many times it’s value has never climbed like it did at the beginning.


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