10 Hackers Who STOLE From Video Game Companies

Some hackers do it for enjoyable, others do it for revenue or destruction. Listed here are a number of the largest prison hacks in video game historical past.
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10. Hacker bribed his approach into Roblox accounts

09. LulzSec – 2011 Ps Community Outage (AKA THE PSN HACK)

08. Lizard Squad – Nintendo Switch Leaker will get 3 years in Jail

Lizard Squard chief pleads responsible:

07. The Gigaleak – An enormous series of leaks of inside Nintendo information

boards thread displaying off plenty of the stuff individuals discovered:

06. Egregor – Ransomware 'gang' obtained Ubisoft and Crytek information; leak Watch canines: legion supply code on-line

05. Capcom worker information stolen by Ragnar Locker ransomware 'gang'

Ragnar Locker ransomware gang:

04. Safety Researcher steals confidential information from Microsoft and Nintendo

03. Moderator abused privileges in RUNESCAPE to steal players' gold

02. Derptrolling – DDos Christmas attacker goes to jail

-DDos assaults don't instantly steal, however they will result in 1000’s in misplaced income.

1. CD Mission Purple – Ransomware assault

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Comment (54)

  1. Now we need “10 times companies stole from hackers”, I’m aware of a few times this has happened, so it’s definitely a thing.

    1. @Roland Deschain That I’ll accept, especially given certain pre-order ‘deals’ used entice early sales with no expectation to fulfil those promises…

    1. @Izuku Midoriya That was sort of my thought too but I can also see where people could have the thought it happened to them so it could happen to Xbox. I don’t really remember if I played my Xbox or Nintendo anymore during the time but I know I was just starting to get into buying digital games so it was basically like 23 days without the option to buy a game. It actually pushed me back to physical for quite a while.

    2. @Animal Hotline It doesn’t make sense to me why you would cancel your Xbox subscription because of the PlayStation outage. I would think that Microsoft would have been making a killing during that month.

    3. That outage was literally the worst. I was 12 years old when it happened. I had just gotten my PS3 for Christmas about 5 months before the hack, and I was hooked on COD: Black Ops. That game was amazing to me as someone who had only ever played Nintendo games at the time. I was soooooo sad when the hack happened. Felt like a million years. I was surprised to see in this video that it was only 23 days lol. Me and my friends had to make due with split screen zombies.

    4. That outage along with a lot of people’s credit card info being stolen is what chased me away from buying a PlayStation

  2. “Leaks 1000’s of Ninetnedo files for years”

    then ironically has “bad stuff” files next to him when fbi invades…

    1. I’m guessing he was a shilling short of a sixpence for not taking the hint from the FBI’s first visit and just labeling the worst stuff imaginable in the known Galaxy as “Bad Stuff.”

    1. You’re possibly joking, but that’s an actual thing. Companies will hire hackers to teach them things they can use.

  3. What about when a hacker got access to Naughty Dog servers and leaked the entire story for Last of Us Part 2?

  4. I remember the PSN Hack in 2011, I was lucky enough not to get hacked, but one of my school friends at the time, got hacked, and had to get another username.

  5. Please check, I might be mistaken. But I believe the guy that repeatedly hacked nintendo, has some kind of mental condition, and thats why he never got to jail.

  6. I knew the ransomware one for cyberpunk one would be on here. Lol it wasn’t even a hack the employees of cdpr just diddnt want to work on their game anymore.

  7. Dude, the level of uncomfortable and shocked “oooo” I let out about the FBI’s findings on the nintendo guy was shocking


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