Chivalry 2 – Before You Buy

(*2*) 2 (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One) is a medieval preventing sim with huge multiplayer battles. How is it? Let's speak.
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    1. Back with another episode of “listen to me talk about basically nothing so I can milk the time to reach that ten minute mark”

    2. I downloaded while I was at work yesterday and probably already logged a good 5 hours. So much fun!!!!

  1. Imagine explaining this to medieval nights back then. In the future ppl will pretend to be you by controlling a video game version of you, while interacting with ppl on the other side of the world in real time.

    1. They would wonder why we would want to reenact the horrors of war for entertainment and possibly feel bad about it, because they’ve seen those horrors and couldn’t possibly comprehend this form of entertainment after they’ve fought so hard and sacrificed so much to avoid future wars at all costs. So yeah, veterans of any given time in history probably wouldn’t like what we do for entertainment, even if it’s virtual and absolutely not real. I don’t care though, I have a fucking blast with it.

    2. Or like literally any historic video game lmao. I wonder what veterans think of people playing BFV or other games like that.

    3. If we’re going to be historically accurate than they would probably burn you at the stake after you say this lol

    1. wish i just had more time to play games, still playing biomutant which is ace , but i love this style of gams

  2. I saw an enemy in the middle of the road with no weapons and so I put mine away and we fist fought in the middle of the street with nobody interrupting us 10/10

  3. “Sometimes, fun factor is the most important thing and we forget about it” Isn’t that the sad truth in modern gaming

    1. @Cody Churchill If i remember correctly he mentioned the “fun factor ” more than once, in sentences like “the combats can be pretty fun at times”. It is fun but Quests feel boring because they are too repetitive….

  4. I hope this game does well! It’s so much fun. It’s a nice break from everything else we get nowadays

    1. There’s more of every type of game now than ever before, if you want a break from the genres you’re used to it’s as simple as finding it.

  5. One of my favorite aspects about the game is how the devs encourage you to role-play with the voice command/emote wheel lol. Voice chats are gonna be crazy when more people start playing the game haha


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