Elden Ring – Things You MISSED In The Gameplay Trailer (4K)

Elden Ring. (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One) lastly has a launch date and a pleasant new trailer full of particulars we need to talk about.
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    1. @Ealdor-Bana The developers at FromSoftware are Japanese, and Hidetaka Miyazaki is the creator of Dark Souls, as well as being the main director of Elder Ring. He has already came out as a big fan of berserk, and how it influence Dark Souls, which in turn would influence Elden Ring. So in this case yeah it’s safe to say it is. And all of this a Google search away.

    1. @Arsène Lupin Cyberpunk was great though if you don’t have a bandwagoner in your ear telling you it isn’t

    2. @Arsène Lupin it’s not really blind hype though. Its putting faith in a company that has consistently put out good games even when changing formulas. They have always bee masters of world building, combat, fantasy elements and story so this game very much leads into their strong points. On top of that many ppl have still stated they arnt pre ordering so why are u so pissed. They are just excited for the game and have solid expectations. If it let’s us down then ppl will change their tune but to this point From Soft have been very consistent. On top of that they arnt a company that tends to rush development or let their games be influenced by outside forces (which is often why they are so great) so I dont expect them to rush it out for holiday season like CDPR did. Just look at how long this damn trailer took. I don’t see them releasing an unfinished game.

    3. @Arsène Lupin there is difference, fromsoft has a history of good games, while Cd has only one good game, barely.

    4. @Arsène Lupin well, Witcher 3 received some backslash when it came out because of the bugs too, you might not remember it now since it’s a long time ago. Also, fromsoft released a ton of souls game and they were all well received on release, not comparable to a studio that released one iconic game. This one is a tried and tested formula so people know this will be great.

    1. Well if you think about it after two years we still hadn’t. No one was able to imagine such beauty even with all the speculation and fan made theories. Miyazaki has finally just shown us the divine light. Oh, its so beautiful.

    2. @Azazel Siad the devs did keep us updated letting us know that it’s not been dropped and it’s not in DH, I guess that’s all we can ask as gamers.

  1. So, Its basically all the best features of Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro mashed into one game written by George R R Martin…hell yeah

    1. I don’t know who is worse, COD fanboys or Dark Souls fanboys….looks like the gaming world is about as creative as Hollywood with this one!

    1. Came here to see who said before me. Elden ring, oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Elden ring

    1. GRRM: That’s not a bad idea.


    2. I had my horse already die in RDR2 and Ghost of Toshima, I’ll be damned if I have to have another horse die in a video game.

  2. It’s not always a horse. Sometimes is a horned animal looking more like a goat that seemes to be the “jumper vehicle”.

  3. Honestly looks like theyre taking all the lessons they learned from sekiro, bloodborne, and Darksouls and putting those lessons to work. Cant wait to see how this game turns out.

    1. @Pickle bean juice I agree for now. But I think the dungeons might by similar to the chalice dungeons in bloodborne, so that percentage might go up in the future 😛

    2. @Muhammedlee oh yeah I forgot about dungeons mentioned, let’s put sekiro at 20 for now and Bloodborne at 15

  4. I hardly ever get obsessed with a game nowadays like i did when i was younger but FromSoftware games keep me playing. Can’t wait.

    1. Further proof that gameplay matters more than graphics. I hated their games initially… then slowly tried and completed bloodborne , absolutely loved sekiro ( though it took me long to beat ishin and fire demon ). This is the only game I’m excited for.

  5. Props for releasing this video so quickly! Your attention to detail is great, I even missed the crouching bit and thought they might have removed it (seen in the unofficial leaked trailer)

  6. Looks like horse riding is basically handled like in Darksiders, with the horse being more of an extension of the player character, rather than an independent entity.

    1. @dave wheels botw your horse doesn’t just pop up. If you’re not near it it’s not coming. Literally has a mind of its own like in rdr2.

    2. Not really. In Darksiders, your horse doesn’t exist on its own, you summon it directly below your arse to ride, and if it takes too much damage or you decide to dismount, it just vanishes into thin air. It cannot be left by the wayside, it cannot die, you can’t interact with it in any way, it’s basically just a transformation rather than a mount.

  7. I would like to point out the Smough/Smog/Smeeg enemy we saw literally releasing fire from its head. Why does this both feel like a re-skin, a fan made, and totally new enemy at the same time?

    1. They do reuse a lot of enemy designs and animations, but they always improve on them. I usually take it as that is how they originally intended it. Like they probably alwats wanted tower knight to fall out of the moon, and they probably always wanted Smough to have a cool bowl on his head and a gnarly demon axe, but it wouldn’t have made sense in the lore.

    2. @da_jeezuss Yeah, that’s totally possible to be some reuse of dropped concepts. I don’t mind, and it wouldn’t be the first time they do something like this either.

    1. Im sad Miura will never get to complete berserk :/ i think he stated in an interview that his biggest fear was not being able to finish berserk during his lifetime


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