Ninja Gaiden Master Collection – Before You Buy

Ninja Gaiden Master Collection (PC, PS4, Xbox One) rounds up the beloved video games with some caveats. Let's speak.
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  1. That’s why I never buy any games right away on day 1 release. Control my urge even if I’m 200% interested in a game, it’s not like a limited stock or something, you can buy it anytime you want. And that’s also why I appreciate all these new game reviews on YouTube, especially Before You Buy series, Thank you once again gameranx!

  2. I’m not even considering buying this, I’ve played my share of Ninja gaiden. I just like your reviews and I’m waiting for work at the bus stop haha

  3. That’s too bad. Ninja gaiden black was one of my all time favorite games. Definitely made an impact on me when I was young playin that game

    1. Same here! This package feels lazy, but a reminder as be mentioned you can just buy Ninja Gaiden Black on Microsoft Store. I never knew they’ve enchanced nor made it compatible to Xbox One X. Ninja Gaiden II is also available for Xbox One X! I wouldn’t buy the the collection, but buy the ones I mentioned.

  4. This is very disappointing. I really wish they would have done a better job and base it on Ninja Gaiden Black and Ninja Gaiden 2. Even if the code was lost, use the Sigma base and improve on it. This is just a direct port without any updating or quality of life improvements. Not even PC settings as you said. The bare minimum effort. Whatever they could get away with.

    1. Yeh there’s no hd upscaling at all. All the textures are the same. It’s a cheap cash grab copy and paste job.

    2. And the crazy thing is people are still buying it and giving it positive reviews on steam. So the company essentially got away with making such a shitty port

    1. @The Random Guy and Co no this particular guy has pronounced a bunch of commonly known words wrong. I think some people are just more educated than others in the language they speak.

  5. Imagine an AI that recreates the Original Code of a Game out of the Data from a physical Disc Version….🤔

    1. @john wrath internal dispute between him and team ninja that led to him leaving after ninja gaiden 2 was released

  6. I actually wouldn’t mind jumping back into this, nostalgic 🙌🏾.
    After watching the entire video I just wish they made an entirely new graphically and gameplay enhanced Ninja Gaiden game, nostalgia aside, this series just needs a refresh all together.

    1. @RCJ
      As somebody who loves Ninja Gaiden and Souls-likes, Nioh is MUCH more like Souls than it is like Ninja Gaiden.

      Ninja Gaiden is a very straight forward action game that is more like Devil May Cry than it is like Nioh.

      Nioh is slow paced, methodical, and is too bogged down in completely unnecessary RPG mechanics.

      I appreciate Nioh as a Souls-like, but as somebody who adores Ninja Gaiden, Nioh ain’t it.

    2. @wizeguy26 I used to think so, but not any more bro. This isn’t a test, just a quick cash grab. If they make NG4 it’ll be because they were going to make it regardless. This collection is like the “hey remember this game?” Kind of release I feel. If they actually used it as a test, they’d make it good which they didn’t even try xD

  7. I was so hyped to relive my nostalgia and see my waifus again but jesus the PC port is bad.
    I’ve bought and supported Horizon and Days gone, despite their buggy PC release, but I refuse to support this bare bone treatment.

  8. Not having the original code is a BS excuse with the technology we have today. This is just another lazy re-release.

    1. I’m doing the same. Don’t want digital only when I can easily import a physical copy from Asia or the EU.

    2. @J.J Ramirez it’s not region locked so you can change the language to English. I got it cuz they didn’t drop a US version.

  9. It’s a shame, they look like such cool games and the combat and moment looks so cool, they’re a predecessor to souls type games which I love. Just doesn’t seem like $40 is worth it

    1. I really wouldn’t call these predecessors to Souls.

      These games have such different combat with much more complex animation than Souls does.

      Demon’s Souls, which set the blueprint for the rest of the series, is more related to a game called “King’s Field” and to other 3D dungeon crawlers.

      Ninja Gaiden is more like Devil May Cry than it is like Souls.

  10. “Code was lost” getting pretty repetitive hearing this for pretty much any remaster coming out now.

    1. The “code was lost” for Kingdom Hearts as well, didn’t stop them from remastering the game.

      Everybody celebrates FromSoft’s output as the best games ever, Resident Evil 4 is being called more and more “the best game ever” by people — and I love those games too — but the legacy of Ninja Gaiden has just been shat on.

      At least it’s possible to buy Ninja Gaiden 2, the 360 version, and Ninja Gaiden Black (though I prefer the original release before Black) on Xbox.


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